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Save Money When Booking Your Cruise – Using Discount Codes, Cashback Sites and More…

In this article, we will look at extra ways of saving money when you are ready to actually book your cruise.

I always want to make sure I get the best value for money possible!

To make additional savings on your cruise fare, I recommend the use of Cashback websites and looking for online discount codes.

Cashback Websites

With cashback websites, you get a percentage or fixed amount when you go through their website to make a purchase.

You are not booking with their website, you go through their website to get to the normal company’s webpage.

The cashback website gets money through advertising and other things – so you then get a percentage back.

It can take quite a long time to get your cashback – but if someone is offering me free money in six months’ time, I am more than happy to take it!

The biggest cashback site and one that I have used for well over five years is “TopCashback.” ​TopCashback​

  • It’s available for use in both the UK and the US, and there are many stores to choose from.
    • You can get a percentage back on food, household items, clothes, holidays – and more! It is free to use, so you have nothing to lose!

I used this recently when booking a hotel for the night before a cruise, I got 5% cashback. It’s worth having some money back for an extra click!

  • Quidco is another cashback website, but it is available in the UK only.
    • It has more shops to choose from, and it is also free. Sign up, there is nothing to lose! You don’t have to use them if you don’t want to, it is literally free money if you book something via their website.


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Paid Cashback Sites

“Complete Savings” costs £15 per month. All I have to do is make one transaction through the website and I get a £15 bonus. I have made my money back every month through the cashback I have received. ​CompleteSavings​

  • You get at least 10% on everything you buy. I recently booked a Tui River cruise and I got 10% cashback. The cruise cost £1840 for two people, so I will get £184 back. Even if I just joined for one month whilst I booked and then cancelled my membership, I would still get my cashback.
    • I won’t get the cashback until I have taken the cruise, just in case I cancel my booking. But in the future, future me will like the £184 I get back, and I am going to thank myself that I clicked through that cashback site!
  • Go on their website, and find the other site you wish to book from the list and it will redirect you. It is so easy to use!
    • When the money is approved, you can just withdraw it. I have saved hundreds, maybe thousands, by using cashback websites over the years!

Discounts and Coupons

Other ways to save money:

  • Look for discount codes online.
    • Literally, just search “Princess Cruises discount code” “Princess Coupon code” or “Princess Cruise cashback” and see what you come up with.
  • Search for codes first before you try anything else!
    • There are some websites that just list discount codes that you can try on different company websites.
  • YouTube video reviews of hotels are often sponsored by the hotels themselves.
    • They may include a discount code to quote if you book the hotel online. You have to find them through the YouTube videos though, so check out online hotel reviews before you book. It would be so annoying to find the code after you had booked!

One cruise line that often offer discount code for money off their cruises when you book direct is Tui.

(Tui use the brand name Marella for ocean cruise sailings, but Tui for river cruises.)

I got a discount by booking directly on the website and using a code on this Tui River Cruise.

Honey” Plugin

  • This plugin is free to use, it tries lots of different discount codes for you automatically. It doesn’t always work, but I have recently found a £250 code for money off a Marella cruise, so I recommend you download it.
  • It is just a Chrome extension, but it saves me trying to find discount codes myself! It is free to download, so well worth a try. ​Honey​,

We have now done all our preparation and you should be ready to book your cruise!

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