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MSC Meraviglia/Bellissima Cabins (Photo Guide & Review 2019)

The MSC Meraviglia has my favourite cruise ship cabins of all time, I’ve cruised in both an inside cabin and a balcony cabin. The cabins on MSC Bellissima and MSC Meraviglia are identical so this post is relevant to both.

In this post, I will be discussing all cabin grades available onboard the MSC Meraviglia/Bellissima and sharing a review of the inside cabin and balcony cabins, both of which I’ve cruised in.

In this post we explore:

  • Interior Cabins
  • Interior Studios
  • Ocean View
  • Balcony
  • Suites

Do The Cabins on The MSC Meraviglia/Bellissima have Hairdryers?

Yep! All cabins have hairdryers. The ships are pretty new so the hair dryers are too. They seem powerful and you’ll find them in the desk. I wouldn’t recommend bringing your own hairdryer on the MSC Meraviglia/Bellissima.

Inside cabins:

Sleeps up to: 4

I stayed in an inside cabin in December 2017, I actually spent Christmas day here. This is without a doubt my favourite inside cabin. There was SO much room and it was so clean/tidy. I shared the cabin with my brother so we had the cabin set up with two twin beds. I’m sure this makes the cabin feel more spacious.

The inside cabins do not have a sofa which I think is one of the reasons why it felt as though there was so much space. There is a mirror and a chair on one side and then nothing opposite.

Below is a photo of how my space there was on the floor. I never had such a spacious inside cabin!

msc meraviglia inside cabin girl laying on floor ref tshirt jeans

Do The Cabins on The MSC Meraviglia/Bellissima have TVs?

Yeah. All cabins on the MSC Meraviglia/Bellissima have TV’s. The TV’s allow you to watch TV (of course) but also allow you to do things like check your onboard account. I rarely watch a lot of TV when I cruise but being able to check things like the daily schedule on the TV is brilliant. MSC also have a brilliant app which I would recommend you download before you cruise with them.  I filmed a video about how to use the app which you will find here: MSC for me. 

Interior Studio cabins

Sleeps up to: 1

I LOVE the fact that the MSC Meraviglia has solo cabins. Solo cruisers are often hit hard with ‘solo supplements’ when they cruise. This means that a solo person may have to pay double the price of a person sharing with another passenger.

Why Do Solo Cruisers Have To Pay a Solo Supplement?

When cruising solo cruisers will often have to pay a ‘solo supplement’. This means that they pay more to stay in the cabin alone than they would if they were sharing with another passenger. This is not only to account for the lost revenue from not having another passenger in the cabin but also from loses in things like drink sales and casino spend.

When booking a solo cabin you will be given one price. There is no solo supplement to pay, woohoo.

The design is very similar to other cabins although this one has a pretend porthole picture, I like that!

MSC Meraviglia Cabins Interior Solo

How big are the interior solo cabins on the MSC Meraciglia?

The inside cabins are 12 meters squared. This is a pretty standard size for a regular inside cabin on other cruise lines. For a solo cabin, this makes it very spacious!

Outside/Oceanview cabins

I rarely chose to stay in outside/oceanview cabins. I would have one if it wasn’t much more than an inside cabin but if I was to treat myself to an upgrade I would probably upgrade to a balcony.

The oceanview cabins are almost identical to the balcony cabins in size and layout. The only difference being the window instead of a balcony.

MSC Meraviglia Outside Oceanview Cabin

Do The Cabins on The MSC Meraviglia/Bellissima have Safes?

Yes. All cabins have a safe. The safes are modern, free to use and quite large. I managed to fit my mac book air into the safe which is always important to me. When you arrive on the cruise you will be able to pick a code for the safe and use it for the duration of your cruise. When you leave you will have to leave the safe open.

Balcony cabins

Sleeps up to: 4

I love the balcony cabins on the MSC Meraviglia. The design is very clean and it looks very modern. The space is functional and although the floor space isn’t much bigger than cabins on other lines it does feel a lot bigger.

All cabins on the MSC Meraviglia have similar stylings. The colours vary by deck so a cabin on deck 8 and deck 10 will have a different colour scheme. There is also a variation on where the bed is placed, the bed can either be by the balcony or by the bathroom, each balcony cabin alternates between the two.

MSC Meraviglia Balcony Cabin Bed Deck 10 Sofa MSC Meraviglia Balcony Cabin Bathroom Shower Mirror

How big is the balcony on MSC Meraviglia?

The balcony isn’t huge but it isn’t small either. I would say that it is mid-range. We were cruising with friends who were in the balcony next to us so we asked out cabin steward to remove the barrier between the two balconies, this gave us a huge balcony which was amazing. I’d definitely recommend this if you’re cruising with another cabin.

It’s worth noting that some balconies are bigger than others. We had the standard sized balcony although cabins on deck 8 have a bigger balcony. The bigger balconies on deck 8 are partially restricted view, meaning you cannot see down to the ocean because there is a life boat in the way.

What is in the Balcony cabins onboard the MSC Meraviglia?

  • Twin/Queen beds
  • A desk with mirror + chair
  • Sofa
  • Bedside tables
  • Mini bar
  • Hairdryer
  • Safe
  • TV

Our Balcony Cabin on Deck 10:

Below is the video review that I filmed onboard. During the video, I talk a little about the cruise in general and about what it is like to cruise with MSC.

I love cruising with MSC but it is very different from cruising with an American or British line. I have a post about the differences here,  is important you do your research before cruising with MSC so you know what to expect.


What I loved:

  • The cabin looked modern and I like the design.
  • Loads of space!
  • The bed was really comfortable.

I’d usually write here about the things that I didn’t love, but honestly, I can’t think of any. I could happily live in this cabin. It is my favourite balcony cabin.

What plug sockets are on the MSC Meraviglia?

There are two Europen plug sockets and one USB charging point.

Make sure you pack adapters! This is one of the most common things for first-time cruisers to forget. You can find my full list of cruise essentials on our resource page here: Resources & Discounts.

Do The Cabins on The MSC Meraviglia/Bellissima have Irons?

Nope. None of the cabins on the MSC Meraviglia/Bellissima have irons. There aren’t any ‘free to use’ laundries onboard either so your only option is to pay to have your clothes laundered. I tend to just hang my clothes up in the bathroom when I have a shower and the steam usually makes the creases drop out. It’s magic!


Suite With Private Whirlpool

  • Double bed/two single beds. Sitting Area with double sofa bed.
  • Approx. 27 square metres.
  • Angeled Balcony.
  • Private Whirlpool!

Grand Suite With Private Whirlpool

  • Double bed/two single beds. Sitting Area with double sofa bed.
  • Approx. 39 square metres.
  • Angeled Balcony.
  • Private Whirlpool!

Duplex Suite

  • Stateroom split over two decks!
  • A living/dining room with sofa bed.
  • Bedroom with double bed/two singles.
  • Two walk-in wardrobes.
  • Two bathrooms (one with bathtub, one with shower).
  • Approx 59 sq.m. with a large balcony with a whirlpool bath.
  • Private Whirlpool!

MSC Yacht Club Deluxe Suite

  • Double bed/single beds.
  • Minibar and espresso coffee machine.

MSC Yacht Club Royal Suite

  • Double bed/single beds.
  • Bath
  • Bar setup, refrigerator and espresso coffee machine.
  • Approx. 56 square metres.
  • Angeled Balcony
  • Private Whirlpool!

MSC Status Match

If you are taking your first cruise with MSC make sure you check if you are eligible to take part in MSC’s ‘status match’ program. MSC will match any loyalty status from another cruise line or some hotel brands. I matched my status from Norwegian Cruise Line and now get lots of freebies and perks when I cruise with MSC. It is free to do and well worth it in my opinion. I have another post about how to complete the process here: MSC Status Match.

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