Marella Cruises Single/Solo Cabins – Photo Guide and Review

If you are considering a cruise with Marella and would like to cruise solo you may be wondering about the solo cabins and solo events onboard. In this post we will look at the solo options available on each ship.

Do Marella Cruises have Solo/Single Cabins?

Yes. All five ships in the Marella fleet have some form of solo cabins. On the Marella Explorer, Explorer 2, Discovery and Discovery 2 the solo cabins weren’t built for this purpose and have been converted from standard cabins. Solo cabins on Marella Celebration were built for the purpose of being solo cabins. 

Marella also organise solo events for solo cruisers and have a ‘cruise host’ who organises all of the events onboard.

If you do want to book a solo cabin on any of the below ships make sure you book as far in advance as you can. The solo cabins are very limited and as a result they sell out fast. Generally speaking the price of a cruise is cheapest at initial launch. To learn how to book at the cheapest time, check out this post: Do Cruises Get Cheaper Closer To The Sailing Date?

Marella Discovery/Marella Discovery 2

Marella Discovery/ Marella Discovery 2 – Solo Inside Cabins

On both Marella Discovery and Marella Discovery 2 there are solo inside cabins. These are VERY similar to design to the standard inside cabins and are actually the same size.

Both ships were bought from Royal Caribbean and were not fitted with solo cabins when they were built. Both ships were built in the mid 1990s when there were less solo cruisers.

Marella Discovery Solo Cabins

Marella Discovery/ Marella Discovery 2 – Solo Outside Cabins

On both ships there is also the option to have a solo outside cabin. These are even more limited than the inside cabins so if you do want one it’s extra important that you book as early as you can.

The outside cabins are almost identical to the inside cabins, the only real difference is the addition of a window.

Marella Explorer/Marella Explorer 2

Marella Explorer/Marella Explorer 2 – Inside Solo Cabins

On Marella Explorer you will find some inside solo cabins. Both ships were built in the mid 90s and as a result don’t have any solo specific cabins built into them. Marella have set aside some cabins as solo cabins though so that passengers don’e have to pay a huge solo supplement.

On a lot of cruise lines the only option available to solo cruisers is to pay the cruise fare of two people and possibly even more! Cruise lines do this not only to cover the revenue lost from the missing person but also from the lost revenue when it comes to things like drinks sold and lost money in the gift shops, casinos etc.

As a result the solo cabins on Marella Explorer are the same as the usual inside/ocean view cabins. I stayed in an inside cabin on the Marella Explorer as part of the 90s cruise I took in September 2019. We had SO much fun.

The cabins are very spacious and come with either two twin beds or a queen bed. As a solo cruiser you’d more than likely be given a queen sized bed but you could have twins if you prefer.

The cabin have a spacious, if a little dated, bathroom and LOADS of storage. I counted a record breaking 16 drawers in the cabin. We were only cruising for 3 nights so didn’t need all of the space but even still I appreciated how well the cabin was designed.

Marella Explorer/Marella Explorer 2 – Outside Solo Cabins

Similar to the inside cabins the ocean view cabins are also standard cabins but converted for the use of solo passengers.

These cabins are located on decks 4 and 5 and come with everything that you’d find in a standard ocean view room.

Marella Explorer Outside solo Cabin

Marella Celebration

Marella Celebration – Inside Solo Cabins

Marella Celebration offers a small number of solo inside cabins. I think it’s quite interesting that they’ve designed these with a little curtain to make it look like there is a window behind there. Spoiler alert, there isn’t!

The cabins are very similar to the standard inside cabins onboard but have a smaller bed. They have the same amenities in regards to a TV, bathroom etc.

Marella Celebration Inside Solo Cabin

The Marella Celebration is the oldest cruise line in the cruise ships fleet, built in 1984. As a result the square footage of the cabins is pretty small but perfectly adequate for one.

Marella Celebration – Outside Solo Cabins

The Marella Celebration does also have some solo ocean view cabins. These are almost identical to the solo inside cabins but have a small porthole window. I should point out here that you can’t open the window, rather surprisingly I get quite a few questions about that.

Marella Explorer Solo Oceanview

Marella Dream

Marella Dream – Outside Solo Cabins

On the Marella Dream you’ll find solo ocean view cabins which were specifically built for this purpose. The cabins have a single bed and all have a small window. You’ll find solo outside cabins on decks: 4, 5, 7, 9, 19.

Marella Dream Outside Cabins

Marella Dream – Balcony Solo Cabins

On the Marella Dream you’ll also find solo balcony cabins. It’s very rare for cruise ships to have solo balcony cabins so this is a lovely feature of the Marella Dream. In the cabin you’ll find a single bed as well as a desk, bathroom and balcony which can comfortably sit two.

Marella Dream Solo Cabins

Solo Events

Marella are one of my favourite cruise lines when it comes to things like onboard events. All cruises have a cruise host who looks after things day to day. The cruise host shouldn’t be confused with the cruise director because the two jobs are very different. The cruise director is there to introduce shows, look after the entertainment team and organise the daily schedule. The cruise host is specially there to look after passengers like solo cruisers and to make sure that everybody onboard has a good cruise.

There will be solo events put on throughout the cruise. At the start there will be events for guests to get to know one another and there will be plenty of opportunities to meet up again after the cruise.

Personally I have found the guests on my Marella cruises to be some of the friendliest people that I’ve ever met at sea. I constantly recommend Marella to families and young adults, they are one of my personal favourite cruise lines.

To learn more about what a Marella cruise is like, including why they’re such great value, check out our recommended cruise lines page here: Recommended Cruise Lines, Full List

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