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How to Get to London Tilbury Cruise Port – Options Explored

If you are taking a cruise from London Tilbury, you may be wondering what the best way to get to port is. In recent years London Tilbury has increased in popularity as a cruise port for the UK.

There are multiple options when it comes to getting to London Tilbury. In this post, we will explore how to get from central London to the London Tilbury Cruise Port.

How do You Get to the London Tilbury Cruise Port From Central London?

The best way to get from Central London to the London Tilbury Cruise Port is to either take the train from London Fenchurch Street or to take a taxi. Both modes of transport take around 45 minutes. Taking the train is cheaper with tickets costing around £8.40 ($12). A taxi typically costs between £70-£150 ($100-$200).

In this post, we will explore all options for getting from central London to the London Tilbury cruise port, we will look at how much each option costs and the time that it takes on average to make the journey, as well as any other things you should note before making your decision.

Time (From Central London)Price
Train40-55 Minutes£8.40 ($12)
Taxi45 Minutes +£70-£150 ($100-$200)
Central London to London Tilbury Cruise Port Transport Options

How Far Is the London Tilbury Cruise Port from Central London?

London Tilbury is approximately 27 miles (45KM) East of central London by road.

The journey should take just under an hour by train or car.

Central london to london tilbury

Taking the Train From Central London to the London Tilbury Cruise Port

The closest train station to the Tilbury Cruise Port is called Tilbury Town.

The easiest train station in central London to get to Tilbury town is London Fenchurch Street. From here the journey time is between 40- 55 minutes and there are no changes needed.

An adult single ticket can cost as little as £8.40 ($12).

If travelling from another part of London it would be necessary to use the underground or overground services to get to London Fenchurch Street.

I usually use Trainline when booking tickets in advance.

london to tibury cruise port train

There are multiple trains per hour that make this journey, they run from early in the morning until late at night. Trains also run on weekends.

It’s important to be aware that engineering works often take place on Sundays in the UK and if this is the case, the train journey may be replaced by bus, which can take considerably longer.

Train tickets are able to be used on replacement buses if they are used.

Benefits of Taking The TrainDrawbacks of Taking The Train
Can be cheap if pre-bookedPossible cancellations/Delays
Good option if travelling aloneCan be busy

The train will only take you as far as Tilbury town train station. From here a taxi or other mode of transport is required to get to the port.

How to Get From Tilbury Town Train Station to Tilbury Cruise Port

The best way to get from Tilbury town train station to Tilbury cruise port is to walk. As a general rule, the walk takes around 20 minutes. A taxi is also a quick and cheap option for those who don’t want to walk.

If you don’t have a lot of luggage and the weather is okay, walking can be a good option.

london tilbury town train station

Tom raises a good point about the roads being industrial. Personally, this doesn’t bother me but if you would be put off by this, a taxi might be a good idea. On the map below the walk takes you along St Andrews Road and down.

london tilbury walk from station
tilbury cruise port train station

Taking a Taxi From Central London to London Tilbury Cruise Port

There are many options when it comes to getting a taxi from Central London to London Tilbury Cruise Port. Multiple companies operate this route.

There are multiple routes that the taxi may take depending on the time of day or the taxi driver’s preference.

Taxi Ranks in Central London

There are many many taxi ranks in London. Some taxis do have a limit on the number of pieces of luggage taken per person, so make sure you research this ahead of time if you are worried about having too much luggage.

A standard-sized saloon car can usually transport one to three people and take three large pieces of luggage, in addition to hand luggage.

If you have more people, it may be a good idea to get a taxi minibus that holds up to eight people. The minibus also includes eight suitcases per vehicle. If you do require one, I’d usually recommend you pre-book.

taxi gatwick airport to southampton cruise port

Benefits of Taking a Taxi

  • Taking a taxi is easy and fast (if traffic is good).
  • No Extra Fees. All taxi prices include any taxes and parking fees. In the UK, it is appreciated if you tip the taxi driver, although this isn’t expected. An average tip would be between 10-20% of the taxi fare.

How Much Does a Taxi from Central London to London Tilbury Cruise Port Cost?

The price of a taxi from Central London (London Victoria) to London Tilbury Cruise Port will cost between £70 ($100) to £100 ($140). This price may increase on certain days or certain times and taxies should always be pre-booked to secure the best price.

Small Car (1-3 Passengers)Large Car (1-5 Passengers) Minibus (1-8 Passengers)
London Victoria to London Tilbury Cruise Port Taxi Estimated Price£70 ($100)£100 ($140)£150 ($200)
London Victoria to London Tilbury Cruise Port Taxi Cost

While the prices may be higher than taking a train or a bus the journey is much more convenient. If you are travelling as a group it often doesn’t work out much more expensive to get a taxi.

Benefits of Taking a TaxiDrawbacks of Taking a Taxi
Pick you up from your locationMotion sickness
No changingCan be expensive if travelling alone
Could be slow if traffic is bad

Taking an Uber from Central London to London Tilbury Cruise Port

An Uber from London Victoria to Tilbury Cruise Port will cost a minimum of £49/$69 and take around 45 minutes if the roads are clear. There are other more expensive options available too.

The price of taking an Uber is similar to the price of pre-booking a taxi, so I would usually recommend you pre-book a taxi if this is something you’d like to do. That said, if you haven’t pre-booked, getting a taxi can be expensive and an Uber can be a cheaper option.

uber london victoria to london tilbury

Hiring a Car

Hiring a car for a day is an option but the availability is very limited with many companies do not allow you to do a one-way journey ending in Tilbury.

I’d recommend using a website like to find a car.

That said, it isn’t much cheaper to rent a car than to get a taxi even if you can find availablility. A taxi is much easier so I’d usually suggest this.

london tilbury rent a car

Top Tips From a Local

Stuart has cruised multiple times from CMV and has a couple of brilliant money saving ideas. These tips are for those who are a little more adventurous.

“If travelling offpeak buy an advance day return Fenchurch Street to Tillbury in each direction, up to 3 days ahead online, and just throw away the other half of the ticket in each direction. The fare is not train specific and is £1.20 cheaper than a single!  All you have to do is travel after 9.30 am any weekday, any time at weekends.

Stuart Nicholson

“Use Oyster to get to Upminster, it’s £3.30 off-peak from Zone 1 and is valid on overground trains as well as the tube, then buy an Upminster to Tilbury single. Yes, you have to hop off at Upminster to tap out. Upminster is also good for any last-minute shopping or refreshments before reaching the port.”
– Stuart Nicholson


The easiest but most expensive option to get from Central London to Tilbury Cruise Port is to take a taxi. Taking a train is relatively easy & inexpensive and is usually an easy option.

It’s worth remembering that taking a train will only get you as far as Tilbury Station. From there, you would still have to get to the cruise port terminal that you are scheduled to depart from, which usually involves another taxi ride or a walk.

Below are my personal recommendations. I would recommend the majority of people make the journey on the train, unless travelling in a group of 3 or more, where the cost of a taxi isn’t much more expensive than getting the train.

Passengers TravelingTransport Recommendation from Central London to Tilbury Cruise Port
1 Person Train
2 PeopleTrain
3 PeopleTrain or Taxi
4+ PeopleTaxi

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