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The Difference Between Junior and Premium Balcony Cabins (MSC Preziosa/MSC Divina)

If you are taking a cruise on the MSC Preziosa or Divina you might be wondering what the difference is between junior and premium balconies.

I recently cruised on The MSC Preziosa and was upgraded to a premium balcony as part of a free upgrade promotion. I had friends who were also upgraded, they were on the same deck as me but had a junior balcony cabin.

I had a premium balcony cabin on deck 12. Cabin 12011.

My friends had a junior balcony cabin on deck 12. Cabin 12168.

In this post, we will discuss the differences.

What Is The Difference Between A Standard Balcony Cabin And a Premium Balcony Cabin On MSC Preziosa And Divina?

Junior balcony cabins found on MSC Preziosa and her sister ship, MSC Divina, are around 30% smaller than premium balconies (14sqm vs 18sqm). Junior balconies don’t have a sofa bed or seating area found in premium balcony cabins and the desk is smaller.

Premium balcony cabins have an extra seating area with a small oval table, a larger desk, and my particular cabin had a deeper balcony.

Size (Metres Squared)
Junior Balcony14
Premium Balcony18

Premium Balcony Cabin – 12011 Photos

MSC Preziosa and Divina Premium Balcony Cabin
Premium Balcony Cabin – 12011
MSC preziosa and divina premium balcony cabin
Premium Balcony Cabin – 12011

Both cabins were decorated exactly the same.

All cabins are modern and well-equipped with lovely fabrics and furnishings. They have a luxurious feel about them and are well-maintained.

I like the design of MSC cruise ship cabins, although some of the swirly pictures on the walls are not to my taste. Taste in artwork is very subjective though, it is a good job we don’t all like the same thing!

Junior Balcony Cabin Photos – 12168

MSC Preziosa and Divina Junior Balcony Cabin
Junior Balcony Cabin – 12168
MSC Preziosa and Divina Junior Balcony
Junior Balcony Cabin – 12168
junior balcony cabin msc preziosa and divina
Junior Balcony Cabin – 12168

I have stayed in inside cabins on MSC cruises in the past. To find out what it was like, check out this video:

What Plug Sockets do The Cabins Have?

All cabins on the MSC Preziosa and Divina have at least two 220V European sockets and two 110V US Sockets. There were no USB sockets like you can find on newer MSC ships. (MSC Preziosa was built in 2011.)

MSC Preziosa and Divina Premium Balcony Cabin plug sockets

If you’re ever in doubt about which plug sockets a cabin has, check out the searchable table here: Complete Cruise Ship Plug Socket Guide: Search by Ship

It is worth noting that cabin categories have moved on and changed slightly over the years. On newer ships, like Meraviglia, Bellisima, Grandiosa, etc Premium balcony cabins like mine would be called a “standard.” balcony cabin.

Are The Bathrooms The Same?

The bathrooms in both cabins are identical in every way. They have a shower door rather than a shower curtain that many people hate! The shower door has a clever design that folds back in on itself when not in use. This provides more room in the main bathroom.

MSC Preziosa and Divina Bathroom Shower and Toilet

I thought the layout was very good for a cruise ship bathroom, they really do make the most of the space.

MSC supplies hand wash, shampoo and conditioner in all cabins.

There is lots of shelf space on each side of the sink for your own bits and pieces.

Is The Cabin Type Dependant on Location?

The locations of the cabin types seem to be placed sporadically about the ship, so don’t be under the impression that you will be in a better location if you pay more for a premium balcony.

Junior BalconiesPremium Balconies
Decks 9-13Decks 8-13

It seems as though the premium balcony cabins are located wherever the ship has the floor space to be able to accommodate the slightly larger cabins.

My premium balcony was far towards the front and in a ‘worse’ location than my friend’s junior balcony which was closer to the middle.

The sofabed shown above converts to a double bed to sleep 2.

There Are Others Balcony Cabins to Consider:

Aurea (Spa) Balcony cabins

MSC offer “Aurea” balcony cabins, which are basically the same as premium cabins, but they include a range of extras including access to the spa. They, therefore, cost more.

These extras may include:
– Free unlimited Drinks – including specialty coffee, wine, beer, cocktails, soft drinks, and gelato 24 hours a day. “Premium” alcohol is not included.
– Free “My Choice Dining”: You have dinner in a dedicated area of the restaurant any time during dining room hours. No set time, no reservations needed.
– Free Spa Service: A free 60-minute massage per person, up to 2 per stateroom, access to the sauna & steam room for the duration of the cruise, a consultation with a spa doctor, and a welcome cocktail.
– Private sundeck access: Access the private and exclusive Top 18 sundeck where you can sunbathe and lounge in a child-free environment & enjoy a private bar.
– Free priority boarding on the day of embarkation. You will get on board quicker and you can start your holiday/vacation sooner.

It is worth noting though that if you receive a complimentary upgrade to this category grade, you will benefit from the stateroom upgrade only, you will not get the extra Aurea experiences mentioned above.

It may also be worth considering a cabin with an obstructed view.

To find out more about these, check out this post: The Truth About Obstructed View Cabins – (Photos & How to Find One)

Do Premium Balconies Always Have Bigger Balconies Than Junior Balconies?

The balcony size on my Premium balcony was deeper than in the junior balcony cabin. This may not always be the case, it depends on where the cabin is on board the ship.

The balconies in both cabins felt small with the balcony in the junior suite being 3 metres squared.

MSC Preziosa and Divina Balcony Cabin
Premium Balcony Cabin 12011

Which Cabin is The Best?

The floor space in the premium balcony cabin is larger, and often the balcony is deeper too. Whether it is worth paying more for this depends on the price you are offered – and how much time you spend in your cabin!

The junior balcony cabin is more than adequate for me but I am happy in an inside cabin.

I don’t spend much time in my cabin generally, but if you are taking a cruise with a very picturesque itinerary, you might want to consider upgrading to a balcony cabin – with or without the extra space for the sofa.

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