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Captain Hudson V4 is Coming Soon!

Following the success of our Captain Hudson plushies I’ve decided to launch a Version 4. In total we raised over £64,000 for Mercy Ships in 2023! That is incredible. Thank you so much.

Check out the Captain Hudson map here

Hudson Soft Toy! VERSION 4 – Coming Soon

Woah, there are over 5000 CaptainHudsons in the world! The cart is currently closed but we will be creating a 4th version soon, enter your email below and we will let you know when he’s ready to order.

Enter your email address so that I can let you know when Captain Hudson V4 is ready for sale:

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    captain hudson version 2 cycling

    I don’t know what the donation will be spent of course but if Mercy Ships chose to spend it on doing cataract surgeries (which they do) our donation would be able to cure blindness for 51 people. Thank you SO MUCH.

    I took my #CaptainHudson on the Costa cruise I’ve just disembarked today and I think he enjoyed his first cruise. He’s a great travel buddy. 😂😂

    hudson toy mercy ships

    A massive thank you to everybody who’s already ordered. Mercy Ships is a fantastic charity that provides hospital ships full of volunteers that offer free surgery and health care to women, men, and children who can’t access it any other way. So excited to see #CaptainHudson travel the world. 😎👍🏼

    Ps, Yep he ships world wide and is $24.99 USD (plus taxes and postage). 🌎✈️

    This is the incredible, amazing work that Mercy Ships do. Please take a minute to watch this video. 👏🏼🥹

    I’m so proud that our cruising community has helped all of the Mercy Ships volunteers to change and save lives. ❤️

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