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Cruising Through The Bermuda Triangle – What to Expect

If you are considering a cruise you may be wondering if cruises go through the Bermuda triangle. The Bermuda triangle has a notorious reputation.

Do Cruises Go Through The Bermuda Triangle?

Many cruise itineraries pass through the Bermuda triangle. Most cruises to Bermuda pass through the Bermuda triangle as do cruises to the Bahamas because much of the Bahamas are in the Bermuda Triangle.  In addition, almost all cruises from the east coast of the USA to the Caribbean pass through the Bermuda triangle.

There are still a number of people that think that cruising through the Bermuda triangle is dangerous. In this post, we will explore this idea and have a look at the lines and cruises that do cruise through the triangle.

Cruise to Bermuda Norwegian Breakaway

Which Cruises Go Through The Bermuda Triangle?

Cruises To Bermuda

Okay, this one is a little bit obvious, but cruises to Bermuda travel through the Bermuda triangle. The Bermuda triangle stretches from Bermuda to Florida and down to Puerto Rice so for any cruise to get to Bermuda from the east coast of America they must pass through the triangle. Bermuda is located approximately 650 miles off the coast of the USA and is roughly in line with Georgia.

Cruises To The Bahamas

Much of the Bahamas are within the Bermuda triangle. The Bahamas are actually made up of around 700 islands but only 30 or so are inhabited. I cruised to the Bahamas a few years ago, it is possible to find really cheap cruises to this part of the world, much cheaper than cruising in most parts of Europe anyway.

Cruises To The Caribbean

If you are cruising to the Caribbean from the east coast of the USA you will pass through the Bermuda triangle. Many cruises which do this type of route actually stop in Bermuda. If you are cruising to the Caribbean from Miami you will avoid most of the triangle but may technically stray onto the borderline (maybe).

Which Cruise Lines Cruise Through The Bermuda Triangle?

Most US-based cruise lines travel regularly through the Bermuda triangle.

A few that do are as follows: Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, Oceania, Azamara, Celebrity, Crystal, Disney, Viking and Virgin Voyages (when they launch).

Why Is The Bermuda Triangle a Controversial Cruise Destination?

The Bermuda Triangle is also known as ‘the devil’s triangle’ and ‘hurricane alley’. A number of places and ships have allegedly disappeared here over the years. Many people believe that the circumstances of the disappearances were mysterious however it is likely they were caused by severe weather.

The Bermuda Triangle has been a source of controversy since the 1950s.

Cruises Specifically To The Bermuda Triangle

Due to the Bermuda triangles popularity, ‘Bermuda Triangle’ cruises have actually started appearing. These usually are not by the big cruise lines and focus more on the story of the Bermuda triangle. These sail from Bermuda and probably just float around for a bit before coming back to land. I imagine that the Bermuda Triangle in reality probably is a little underwhelming.

Cruise along Bermuda’s west end shoreline toward an unforgettable snorkeling experience. Bermuda is home to over 200 square miles of the Atlantic’s most northerly fringe reef. Although beautiful, the reef is treacherous and there have been over 300 shipwrecks to prove it.

On this trip you’ll visit two of Bermuda’s most famous shipwrecks, the Constellation and the Montana. The Captain will provide you with an overview on the history on Bermuda and some of its shipwrecks.  – SOURCE. 

Do Cruises Go Through The Bermuda Triangle? Bermuda Triangle Cruise Advert

Cruise Ship Incidents in The Bermuda Triangle

In 2015 the cruise ship Norwegian Dawn ‘ran aground’ in Bermuda. Apparently, paranormal enthusiasts say that the area is cursed although it sounds much more likely to me that the ship just got stuck in a bit of a coral reef… High tide pushed the ship off the reef into deeper water and there were no injuries of crew or passengers.

Is It Dangerous To Cruise Through The Bermuda Triangle?

There is an element of danger with any form of travel but it isn’t more dangerous to cruise through the Bermuda Triangle than to cruise in any other part of the world that might experience similar weather. There has never been a modern mega-ship that has gone missing in the triangle. 

The weather in the Bermuda Triangle can be stormy. Cruises to the Caribbean, especially in hurricane season are known for having to avoid storms from time to time. Cruise Ship itineraries are often modified if a storm is approaching and cruise lines will do their best to miss the worst of the storm.

Due to improvements in weather forecasting, it is often possible to know quite far in advance if the weather is likely to be bad.

If a storm is likely to happen during a cruise the cruise line can:

  • Miss a port.
  • Return earlier than scheduled.
  • Change the itinerary to avoid the storm.
  • Cancel the cruise completely (as a last resort).

Incidents at Sea in The Bermuda Triangle

The following incidents are the reported incidents within the triangle in the last 100 years. Note that none of these incidents happened to big cruise ships and most incidents can be explained by weather. 

  • 1918: USS Cyclops left Barbados on March 4, lost with all 306 crew and passengers.
  • 1921: Carroll A. Deering found aground and abandoned.
  • 1925: SS Cotopaxi bound for Havana, Cuba, radioed a distress call reporting that the ship was sinking. 
  • 1941: USS Proteus, lost with all 58 persons on board in heavy seas. The following month, her sister ship USS Nereus was lost with all 61 persons on board.
  • 1958: Revonoc lost with owner Harvey Conover and four others between Key West and Miami Florida in a hurricane. 
  • 1963: SS Marine Sulphur Queen, lost with 39 crewmen.
  • 2015: July 2015, two 14-year-old boys, Austin Stephanos, and Perry Cohen went on a fishing trip in their 19-foot boat. Despite the 15,000 square nautical miles wide search by US Coast Guard, the pair’s boat was found a year later off the coast of Bermuda, but the boys were never seen again.
  • 2015: SS El Faro, with a crew of 33 aboard, sank off of the coast of the Bahamas. Search crews identified the vessel 15,000 feet below the surface.

What is it Like Cruising Through The Bermuda Triangle?

I have cruised through the Bermuda triangle and it wasn’t any different to cruising in any other part of the world. If you are considering a cruise please do not be put off by the Bermuda triangle mysteries! I asked members of our Facebook Group if they have cruised through the triangle. Below are their responses:

I have! Honestly it was as flat as bath water. I don’t think anyone would have noticed that we were sailing through it had the Captain not announced it. – Victoria

I think this is most peoples experience! Certainly was for me.

Yes we have, they do say they have found crystal pyramids beneath the surface which opens the portal from time to time to other dimensions. – Margaret

Hmm… not sure about that one Margaret! ha ha…

Yes with absolutely no problems. The only issues were a severe storm and the captain sailed us to safety, but we still travelled through it. We have been through it 3 times now. – Susan

Susan’s story isn’t out of the ordinary. Cruise lines are very good at avoiding storms!

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