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Do Cruise Ship Cabins Have Fridges? (Mini Bars, Sizes & More)

If you are taking a cruise you might wonder if the cabin you have booked will have a fridge. In this article, we look at which cruise lines put a fridge or mini bar into your room, and what they can be used for.

Do Cruise Ship Cabins Have Fridges?

Most cruise lines do usually have a fridge of sorts in the cabins. These fridges are really “mini-bars.”

Sometimes they are stocked full of snacks, drinks and alcohol that you can buy at an inflated price, others are empty for you to put your own drinks or snacks in.

Carnival Magic fridge mini bar
A Mini Bar / Fridge onboard Carnival Magic

Some more luxury cruise lines like Viking, let you help yourself to anything in the minibar free of charge – but I usually cruise with the more mainstream cruise lines, so don’t go near the drinks and snacks stored in there!

Cabin fridges or “mini bars” are not as cold as a fridge in your own home. They may not be suitable for keeping your medication in.

Which Cruise Lines Have fridges in the Cabins?

Cruise LineYesNo
Royal Caribbean Yes
Norwegian Cruise LineYes
Marella No
Holland America Yes*
Virgin VoyagesYes


It should be pointed out that the above chart is only a general guide. Cabin amenities can change from one ship to another. Best to check online what your cabin will contain when you book.

What Are Cruise Ship Cabin Fridges For?

  • The fridge may be a fully stocked mini-bar. On most mainstream cruise lines there will be a price list and you will be charged for any item you remove.
  • The fridge or mini bar may be empty, then you can use it to chill your own drinks, or store food that you have bought back from the buffet. (As I am not a big breakfast eater, I often put fruit or bread rolls in the fridge for the next morning. This saves me from having to get up and go to breakfast!)
  • To keep medication chilled – but check that the fridge is cool enough to suit your needs.
Azamara Onward fridge mini bar
A Mini Bar / Fridge onboard Azamara Onward

How Big Are The Fridges?

Usually, the fridges are as small as they can get away with! Space is at a premium in cruise ship cabins.

Fridges are often built-in under the desk in the cabin. They are not immediately obvious, so open all the cupboards to see if you can find one!

Typically, mini-fridges in cruise ship cabins are around:

48cm (H) x 40cm (W) x 42cm (D) or 18 In (H) x 15 In (W) x 16 In (D)

Of course, this will vary from one ship to another.

P&O Iona fridge mini bar
A Mini Bar / Fridge onboard P&O Iona

Can You Store Medication In The Fridge?

Cruise lines don’t recommend you keep your medication in the fridge/ mini bar. They say they can’t guarantee that the temperature will be suitable.

Cruise lines often suggest that you speak to your cabin steward when you arrive, and they can arrange for the medication to be stored in the ship’s refrigerators

P&O cruises say :

Your cabin steward will ensure your medication is available to you as required throughout your cruise. We do ask that you travel with your medication in a sealed container, clearly labelled with your name and room information.

P&O Cruises

Mini-fridges have some disadvantages. They are very handy to keep your drinks chilled, and I am always grateful to find one, but:

  • They have less space than a normal fridge
  • You aren’t able to adjust the temperature of the fridge
  • It is not suitable to store frozen items
  • It may not be cold enough to store your medications.

One Final Thing To Be Aware Of

If the mini bar in your cabin is stocked with drinks and snacks, be aware that you will be charged for anything you take out.

Check your final bill to make sure you haven’t been charged for snacks or drinks you haven’t had.

I recently got off a cruise where, as usual, your bill was totalled up on the last night, and your credit card automatically charged.

When I checked my statement before disembarking, I found I had been charged for two bottles of water from the mini bar that I hadn’t had.

I went down to the reception before I disembarked (Luckily it was a ship where passengers embark and disembark at every port so no big queue) and had those charges removed.

Interestingly, the guest at the counter next to me was complaining about EXACTLY the same thing!

I wonder how many guests would bother to go to the reception to have the charges removed when it was only a couple of Euros/Dollars/Pounds? On a ship with 6000 passengers, all those charges would soon add up…

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