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Do Cruise Lines Serve Pepsi or Coke? (Cruise Line Soda Guide)

If you are taking a cruise you may be wondering which type of soda is served onboard. I am a big Pepsi Max fan so am always looking for Pepsi when I cruise – but I will happily drink Coke if Pepsi isn’t available.

Coke is a far better alternative than no cola at all…..

p&o iona atrium emma cruises drink of pepsi
Me enjoying a pint of Pepsi on a P&O Cruise

Below is a chart of the most popular cruise lines and whether they serve Pepsi or Coke.  

It seems that Coke is the clear winner, with far more cruise lines serving it than Pepsi.

Cruise LineCoke PepsiNotes
Costa Cruises
Fred Olsen
Holland America
MSCIt Varies on availability!
Norwegian Cruise Line
Regent Seven Seas
Royal Caribbean 

Cunard and P&O are the only mainstream cruise line that actually gives you the choice of Pepsi or Coke. 

What you will find on MSC seems to vary from one ship to another, they do not appear to be contracted to one particular brand, and they will serve whichever drink they are able to get at the best price.

In the below photo, I’m drinking a Coke Zero on an MSC cruise – but I’ve also had Pepsi on MSC Cruises.

MSC Cruises soda

Which Cruise Lines Serve Pepsi?

Carnival, Costa, Cunard, Fred Olsen and Marella all serve Pepsi products onboard their cruise ships. P&O and Cunard also offer Coke and Pepsi products.

It is worth noting that although these cruise lines serve Pepsi, that might not be the only soda that is available.

Some Cruise Lines Offer Fountain Sodas

I recently took a cruise with Marella where fountain soda was the default. It really wasn’t very good (often watery or not fizzy) but as standard drinks are included on a Marella cruise it wasn’t too bad. I’d have been annoyed by the quality if I had paid extra for it, but as it was included it was okay.

marella cruises all inclusive drinks diet coke on pool deck
Marella’s All-Inclusive Fountain Soda

Guests on Marella cruises can buy cans of soda, or upgrade to premium all-inclusive for a charge.

To find out more about the drinks available on a Marella cruise, check out this post:

Marella Cruises All Inclusive Drinks List (and Menus)

Which Cruise Lines Serve Coke?

Ambassador, Azamara, Celebrity, Cunard, Disney, Hurtigruten, Holland America, Marella, NCL, P&O, Princess, Regent Seven Seas, Royal Caribbean, Seabourn, Virgin and Windstar all serve Coke products. P&O and Cunard also offer Pepsi products.

It’s worth noting that just because a cruise line serves Coke, it doesn’t mean that Coke is the only Coke product available.

I recently took a cruise with Royal Caribbean where I purchased a soda package. This gave us unlimited access to many coke products in the soda machines which were located around the ship.

royal caribbean soda machine
Royal Caribbean’s Soda Machine

On Royal Caribbean, the soda machines have lots of different drink combinations. I did try mixing together lots of fruit flavours, it was interesting!

In the below video, I talk more about what I loved about the cruise line (spoiler alert, the soda was one of the things I loved!).

On more expensive cruise lines such as Seabourn or Regent Seven Seas, guests can make special requests before the holiday.

Some say they have requested and received a mini bar full of Pepsi! Sounds wonderful!

When I sailed with the Cruiseline Azamara, the room steward asked which soft drinks I liked, then placed them in our mini bar daily.

Soft Drinks in the minibar are included in the price of Azamara cruises – and a range of other alcoholic drinks are also included in bars and restaurants around the ship.

Find out more about the cruise I took with Azamara here:

Before You Go

Marella are a British Cruiseline that does include drinks – but the Coke served onboard is “fountain” and the quality is sometimes questionable. Find out what other drinks are included in Marella cruise prices here:

Marella Cruises All Inclusive Drinks List (and Menus)

Find out about the “Secret Ingredient” inside “Coca-Cola Plus” cans served on some Asian Cruises. You won’t want to be drinking too many…

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