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Inside a Cunard Cruise Ship Casino – Games, Tables, and Smoking Policy

If you are taking your first cruise with Cunard you may be wondering if Cunard’s cruise ships have casinos. Traditionally British cruise lines tend to have smaller Casinos than US lines but Cunard do have quite large Casinos.

I have personally used the Casino onboard the Queen Victoria.

Do Cunard Cruise Ships Have Casinos?

All Cunard cruise ships have casinos. The casinos include slot games and tables and Cunard offers lessons for those who want to learn how to play the games while onboard. The Casinos are called the ‘Empire Casino’ and are Monte Carlo inspired. 

There is a wide variety of games available for guests to play.

How old do you have to be to gamble in the casino on a Cunard cruise?

Guests have to be 18 to gamble onboard. The crew will be able to find out the age of cruisers from their cruise card so it’s unlikely that you would have to provide physical ID.

That said, Cunard do typically have an older passenger demographic and when I cruised with them at 23 I was probably the youngest person on board.

To learn more about what cruising with Cunard is like check out our recommended cruise lines page here: Recommended Cruise Lines.

Cunard Cruise Tables
Photo Credit: Lois, No Cruise Control.

Different cruise lines and destinations have different gambling ages onboard. To learn more about this, including where the Cunard gambling age increases to 21, check out this post:

What Is In The Casino on Cunard Cruise Ships?

The casino contains a box of slot games and traditional gaming tables. – source.

Queen Mary 2:

  • 9 Gaming tables (including Blackjack, Roulette, Three Card Poker, Heads up Texas Hold’em)
  • 55 Slot Machines

Queen Elizabeth:

  • 5 Gaming Tables (Including Roulette, Three Card Poker, Blackjack, Fun 21)
  • 46 Slot Machines

Queen Victoria:

  • 5 Gaming Tables (Including Roulette, Three Card Poker, Blackjack, Fun 21)
  • 44 Slot Machines

Most of the tables onboard have a minimum bed of around £3-£25 and a maximum of something in the region of £100-500. Some slot machines do still take cash and per play you could be spending as little as £1, 50p or 20p.

Cunard Cruise Casino
Photo Credit: Danny, Cruising Baker. 

How Big Are Cunard’s Casinos?

The casinos on Cunard cruise ships are a fair size. All are located on deck 2 midship and they do take up a good proportion of this deck. The Queens Room is located next to the Casino and this is where you’ll find afternoon tea. There are also a few cabins here if you do want to be really close to the casino, this is the perfect opportunity!

Cunard Casino Deck 2

The casino is outside the Golden Lion pub where you can grab a British classic for lunch. To learn more about what food is included on a Cunard cruise, including what you definitely shouldn’t miss, check out this post:

Can You Smoke in The Casino on Cunard Cruises?

Cruisers are not allowed to smoke in the Casino on Cunard cruise ships. There are designated smoking areas on all Cunard ships and there is also a cigar lounge for those who want to use it.  The cigar lounge is reserved for cigar and pipe smokers.

For the safety, comfort and enjoyment of our guests, smoking (including Electronic alternatives) is not permitted in staterooms, on stateroom balconies or in public rooms. You will find designated areas of the open deck on each ship where smoking is permitted, these will be clearly signposted on board and listed in the Daily Programme. – source.

How do You Play Games in Cunard’s Casino?

Most games will be playing using your cruise card.

It is possible to use cash to buy chips at the tables with cash if you would prefer and there are a limited number of machines that do accept cash.

Your cruise card will be linked to your cruise account. When you spend money on your cruise card it’ll create a charge on your cruise account and at the end of the cruise, you will receive a bill.

It’s very easy to spend more money than you mean to on your cruise card so if you have set yourself a budget make sure that you stick to it.

Cunard Cruise Casino Tables
Photo Credit: Lois, No Cruise Control.

When Will The Casino on a Cunard Cruise be Open?

Cruise ship casinos aren’t allowed to be open when they are docked or within certain waters. For this reason, the cruise ship casino is often closed. The opening times depend entirely on the itinerary of the cruise and they are amended whenever necessary.

On a typical sea day, the casino may be open from around 11 am until close. The closing time is up to the staff on board but it is worth noting that Cunard cruises are generally quite relaxed and as a result, most people go to bed pretty early.

During my cruise on the Queen Victoria, it wasn’t uncommon to walk around the ship at 10.30 pm and not see another person!

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