How to Cruise For Less

There is not a lot that I love more than going on a cruise, meeting new friends and realising that I paid considerably less than everybody else for the exact same cruise.

I regularly cruise with mainstream cruise lines for as little as $50 per night and by following my methods within this course, you can too.

You'll save at least 60% on advertised cruise prices and by implementing my tips, tricks and hacks you'll be able to immediately start securing upgrades and freebies.

You’ll find included cheatsheets, tools and guides which will show you how to save money at every stage of the cruising process. 

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Save on Cruise Prices

Every time I go on a cruise I see families who are stressed out, they are tripping over bags of things that they don’t need and they’ve spent a lot more on the cruise than me! They’ve missed out on freebies and experiences which they would have enjoyed had they been better prepared.

I don’t want to see anybody else in this situation.

The step by step process outlined in this course will show you not only how I save a considerable amount of money when I cruise but also how I make the most out of the money that I do spend by using my secret tips and tricks to secure discounts and upgrades. 

The methods taught in this course have allowed me to take cruises which I would never have been able to afford otherwise. 

"Emma is one of the world’s leading cruise experts and the opportunity to have her provide tailored advice before you hit the book button is priceless."
Cruise Course Member
61% saved


I saved 61% on a cruise with MSC Cruises by following the steps which I teach in this course. I reinvested the money saved into bringing along a family member for their first cruise and we had the most amazing time. She LOVED it and I would never have been able to afford to bring her had I paid brochure price for the cruise.

This course could save you thousands of dollars which you could invest your savings into a drinks package, an extended trip or possibly even another cruise entirely!


If you are unsure if the cruise line you’ve chosen is the right fit for your family or you would like advice on a specific problem, you’re in luck. For a limited time only I’m also including an audio consultation with every course purchase. The audio consultation usually retails at $39 and will allow you to ask any questions you have directly to me and I will offer guidance and advice in line with your specific needs.

"I like that there is a complete table of contents. Everything is well organized. The videos are not too long. The information is spot on! The delivery was perfect and division of information was certainly better than anything I could do. Even though I have cruised before I found most everything of value."
Marella Dream
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This course currently has a Coronavirus discount applied. The price will be increasing soon without warning.

The course content is being updated continually and many updates are happening at the moment due to changes in cruising caused by coronavirus. Once you purchase the course you have access to any future updates so lock in todays low price.

"With all the information available here, I am sure you will save more on your next cruise than you’ll have spent on this course."
Cruise Course Student

Chapter 1: How to Find The Best Cruise For Your Budget
You’ll be able to save money by selecting the right cruise line, cruise destination and time to cruise. 

Chapter 2: How to Book Your Cruise as Easily and Cheaply as Possible
You’ll be able to find the cheapest price for your cruise every time by utilising discounts, promotions, cash back and more. 

Chapter 3: How to Plan and Pack For Your Cruise
You’ll be able to to avoid un necessary expenses and save money by pre planning onboard expenses. 

Chapter 4: How to Save Money While Onboard
You’ll be able to cut the cost of cruising expenses and secure onboard freebies and extras. 

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"This course is organized and to the point. Clear and easy to follow"

- Student feedback form.
The presenter is clear and articulate. Very knowledgable.
Caribbean Cruise Island
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"I liked the short video clips then having the handouts to back it up"

- Student feedback form.
I think the course was very well-organized and included lots of helpful information.
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"I like the fact that is is compartmentalized well and each part is reasonably long. Having cruised before I find the information spot on! I find nothing with which I would disagree"

- Student feedback form.
The course was great, and I loved all aspects of the course.
MSC Magnifica
Student Feedback Firm

"The part of the course that I enjoyed the most was how to select the best cruise or cruise line. I live in the US and was not familiar with some of the European cruise lines."

- Student feedback form.

Is any support provided after the purchasing the guide?
After the course participants are offered an audio consultation with Emma. Note, this does not include booking or travel agent services.

I’m not based in the UK or US, is this course still relevant?
The course has been designed to help you regardless of where you are from. You will learn about cruise lines from the USA, UK, Greece, Germany, Italy and more! The principles and process taught are applicable worldwide.

Note: Australian based cruise lines are not covered in great detail but all other chapters are still relevant.

Are the videos available to stream online or download?
Both! All videos are fully downloadable and available to stream online.

How long do I have to complete the course offered by this guide?
Once enrolled you will have LIFETIME access to the course so that you can complete it at your own rate. New content is being continually added and even if the price increases you’ll never have to pay more.

How many videos are available in the guide?
The guide currently includes 16 videos.

Cruise Mummy:

Emma’s course details the tips, tricks and hacks that she uses to cruise for $50 per night whilst securing upgrades and freebies. It contains video lessons, cheat sheets, checklists and handy tools to help you save at least 60% on advertised cruise prices.

As well as helping you to save money when booking your cruise, Emma will also teach you how to choose the best cruise line for your family, how to pack your suitcase like a pro (this girl can cruise for 10 days with just a carry-on bag) and how to save money whilst you’re on-board as well.

For a limited time only, Emma is also including a free audio consultation with every course. So, if you’re unsure if the cruise that you’ve found is a good deal or whether the cruise ship you’ve picked is a good choice for your family, you can send Emma a message and she will reply personally with a voice message answering your cruise questions.

Emma is one of the world’s leading cruise experts and the opportunity to have her provide tailored advice before you hit the book button is priceless.

Vegan Cruiser:

The course material is hosted on an easy-to-use online training portal, and course lessons are easy to navigate. 

There is an introduction and four interactive, engaging chapters of material to work through. Each chapter is further split into three to five different topics, with videos to watch on each of those topics. There are helpful diagrams and each topic also comes as a downloadable PDF form, if you prefer to keep a paper copy of your course and notes. 

You can finish your course folder with Emma’s ’50 ways to save money when cruising’ printout.

At the end of the course, after completing the modules, each student qualifies for an audio consultation with Emma. She can further advise you on any cruising topic on which you need further clarification. Talk about personal service indeed!

Sounds good, doesn’t it? I certainly appreciate money saving cruise tips and I want my fellow cruise addicts to be educated on them too. Our fabulous industry offers so much choice. And if you don’t consider all the options available, you miss out on bargains. So as much as building loyalty is good for a few side perks, trying different cruise lines will certainly open you to bargains you would have otherwise missed. Offers that might suit your style of cruising to a tee.

Whether you are new to cruising or a seasoned regular on one brand, I am sure that ‘How To Cruise For Less’ course will be helpful.  With all the information available here, I am sure you will save more on your next cruise than you’ll have spent on this course.

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