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342 Cruise Ship Quiz Questions (With Photos)

Think you know a lot about cruising? In this post, you’ll find HUNDREDS of cruise ship quiz questions to test your knowledge. 

Each week we are hosting a live cruise-based trivia session on my YouTube channel which you’ll find here: Emma Cruises YouTube Channel. All videos are available to watch after the event.

Below you’ll find the questions and answers.

Cruise Trivia, Round 1 Questions

Q1 – Which cruise like attempted to break a world recording by launching a 245 day cruise? Prices starting at $90,000.

Q2 – Which cruise lines luxury expedition yacht comes complete with a submarine and helicopter?

Q3 – Can you bring beer onto a Carnival cruise on Embarkation day?

Q4 – Disney has four cruise ships, name them.

Q5 – On Princess cruises a dessert item is paraded around the dining room on the last night of the cruise, what is the dessert item?

Q6 – The Pride of Aloha from Norwegian Cruise Line changed her name in 2008, what is her current name?

Pride of Aloha Norwegian Sky

Q7 – On Which cruise line will you find this statue?

Costa Luminosa Statue Women in Lobby

Q8 – On which cruise line will you find this cabin?

MSC Meraviglia Cruise Ship Cabin

Q9 – Which cruise line has the solo cruise balcony cabins pictured here?

P&O Cruises Solo Balcony Cabin

Q10 – Celestyal Cruises are a cruise line based in which country?

Celestyal Cruises

Q11 – On which cruise line will you find the beach house speciality restaurant?

The Beach House P&O Cruises

Q12 – Per year, how many cruise ship calls are there in Bergen, Noway?

Q13 – In what year was Norwegian Encore launched?

Norwegian Encore Dining Room

Q14 – The cruise ship Balmoral is owned by which cruise line?

Fred Olsens Balmoral

Q15 – Where was this photo taken?

Tallinn Estonia Cruise Ships

Cruise Trivia, Round 1 Questions

A1 – Viking Ocean Cruises. – A2 – Scenic – A3 – No, Wine only. Find out more here: Can You Bring Alcohol on a Cruise? (Cruise Line Guide) – A4 – Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. – A5 – Baked Alaska – A6 – Norwegian Sky – A7 – Costa Cruises – A8 – MSC Cruises – A9 – P&O Cruises – A10 – Greece – A11 – P&O Cruises – A12 – 326 – A13 – 2019 – A14 – Fred Olsen – A15 – Tallin, Estonia

Cruise Trivia, Round 2 Questions

Q1 – What two colours are on the Cunard funnel?

Q2 – P&O Cruises have a British part and a part based in which other country?

Q3 – Royal Caribbeans Independence of The Seas has two sisters, name them.

Q4 – On which cruise line will you find Eric Lanlard’s afternoon tea?

Q5 – Outside of the US what is the busiest cruise port by passenger numbers?

Q6 – In which city will you find the church of spilled blood?

Q7 – Why are cruise ships MOSTLY white?

Q8 – How many donkeys ‘work’ carrying tourists up and down the steps of Santorini?

Q9 – What was the name of Carnivals first cruise ship?

Q10 – Does the Carnival company have more, or less than 100 ships?

Q11 – Approximately how many cruise ship calls does Southampton (the biggest UK cruise port) have per year?

Q12 – How old is the colosseum in Rome?

Cruise Trivia, Round 2 Answers

A1 – Red and Black – A2 – Australia – A3 – Freedom of The Seas and Liberty of The Seas – A4 – P&O Cruises – A5 – Cozumel – A6 – St Petersburg – A7 – To Reflect Heat – A8 – Approximately 100 – A9 – Mardi Gras – A10 – More – A11 – 500 – A12 – 2000 Years

Cruise Trivia, Round 3 Questions

Q1 – On which cruise line will you find the deepest cruise ship swimming pool?

Q2 – How old do you have to be to cruise with Viking?

Q3 – Royal Princess has a sister ship who doesn’t belong to Princess, who is she?

Q4 – What language do the people of Cuba speak?

Q5 – What is the currency of Jamaica?

Q6 – What is the unit of measurement used to describe the speed of cruise ships?

Q7 – Which cruise line has a partnership with lego?

Q8 – What is the name of Princess cruises mascot teddy bear?

Q9 – In which country will you find Gothenburg?

Q10 – What is the name of MSC Meraviglia’s sister ship?

Q11 – Which countries flag is this?

flag cruise trivia

Q12 – Which countries flag is this?

cruise trivia flag

Q13 – Which countries flag is this?

cruise trivia flag

Q14 – Which countries flag is this?

cruise trivia flag

Q15 – Which countries flag is this?

cruise trivia flag

Cruise Trivia, Round 3 Answers

A1 – Royal Caribbean – A2 – 18 – A3 – P&O, Britannia – A4 – Spanish – A5 – Jamaican Dollar – A6 – Knots – A7 – MSC – A8 – Stanley – A9 – Sweden – A10 – MSC Meraviglia – A11 – Greece – A12 – Italy – A13 – Turkey – A14 – USA – A15 – Norway

Cruise Trivia, Round 4 Questions

Q1 – In which European country have river cruises restarted?

Q2 – What is the name of Virgin Voyages second cruise ship?

Q3 – Where is this?

loch ness british isles cruise

Q4 – Which Norwegian Cruise Line cruise ship has this bathroom layout?

Norwegian Epic Bathroom Shower and Toilet Sink in Room

Q5 – What is the top loyalty status with Royal Caribbean?

Q6 – Norwegian Cruise Line have released guidelines for when they return to cruising, do the guidelines say that passengers must wear masks onboard?

Q7 – All ships for which cruise line end their names with the letter A?

Q8 – How many pools does the Sapphire Princess have? 1, 3 or 5?

Q9 – Royal Caribbean have recently patented a new invention, a face mask, what is it called?

Q10 – Which is the only cruise line that shows movies the same day that they premier on land?

Q11 – What is Holland Americas private island called?

Q12 – Hong Kong has two official languages, what are they?

Q13 – What is the buffet on Royal Caribbean cruise ships called?

Q14 – Many MSC cruise ship have real Crystal staircases, how much does each step cost?

Q15 – Which cruise line is hosting a 90s vs 00’s cruise in September?

Cruise Trivia, Round 4 Answers

A1 – Germany – A2 – Valiant Lady – A3 – Loch Ness, Scotland – A4 – Norwegian Epic – A5 – Pinnacle – A6 – No – A7 – Costa – A8 – 5 – A9 –  Seaface – A10 – Disney Cruise Line – A11 – Half Moon Cay – A12 – Chinese and English – A13 – Windjammer – A14 – £10,000/$13,000 – A15 – Marella

Cruise Trivia, Round 5 Questions

Q1 – What is this thing on the Anthem of the Seas called?

anthem of the seas

Q2 – Which is the only cruise line to cruise to Norway year round?

Q3 – Which cruise line does this ship belong to?

norwegian spirit

Q4 – What does the abbreviation ‘B2B’ mean when talking about cruise bookings?

Q5 – What colour are the lifeboats on Disney cruise ships?

Q6 – What is the capital of Hawaii?

Q7 – Which country has the most number of bikes per capita?

netherlands bikes

Q8 – Which sky line is this?

new york city

Q9 – Which Cunard cruise ship is being used as a hotel in Dubai?

Q10 – Which MSC Cruise Ship was meant to launch in September 2020?

Q11 – What is the official language of Bermuda?

Q12 – Valetta is the capital of which country?

Q13 – What is the ‘whale tail’ on a Carnival cruise ship?

Q14 – On which cruise line will you find this aft pool?

msc seaside aft pool

Q15 – What is the biggest cruise ship in the world?

Cruise Trivia, Round 5 Answers

A1 – North Star – A2 – Hurtigruten – A3 – Norwegian Cruise Line – A4 – Back to Back – A5 – Yellow – A6 – Honolulu – A7 – Netherlands – A8 – New York City – A9 – Queen Elizabeth 2 – A10 – MSC Virtuosa – A11 – English – A12 – Malta – A13 – Funnel – A14 – MSC – A15 – Symphony of The Seas

Cruise Trivia, Round 6 Questions

Q1 – On which cruise line will you find this HUGE sports court?

msc meraviglia sports court

Q2 – Which fruit is considered unlucky on ships?

Q3 – Which coffee chain will you find on Norwegian Cruise Line ships?

Q4 – The new cruise guidelines released from the EU suggest that cruise lines should shut which type of pools? Inside pools or outside pools?

Q5 – Kotor is a town in which country?

kotor montenegro

Q6 – Cunard celebrates its birthday tomorrow, how old is the company?

Q7 – Viking cruises have a ship designed specially for the Mississippi river, how many decks does she have?

Q8 – In 2021 Hurtigruten will be sailing from the UK, which port will they sail from?

Q9 – Which cruise ship is this?

marella discovery

Q10 – Pullmantur cruises are a cruise line from which country?

Q11 – On which cruise line will you find the Million Dollar Quartet?

Q12 – What is the name of the pizza restaurant found on Princess cruises?

Q13 – Amber Cove is a cruise terminal for which country?

Q14 – P&O cruises recently removed what from their sail away parties?

Q15 – Which cruise line features in these photos?

saga cruise spirit of discovery

Cruise Trivia, Round 6 Answers

A1 – MSC – A2 – Bananas – A3 – Starbucks – A4 – Inside pools – A5 – Montenegro – A6 – 180 years old – A7 – 5 Decks – A8 – Dover – A9 – Marella Discovery – A10 – Spain – A11 – Norwegian Cruise Line – A12 – Alfredos – A13 – Dominican Republic – A14 – Plastic flags! – A15 – Saga

Cruise Trivia, Round 7 Questions

Q1 – Greek cruise line Celestyal have just bought a cruise ship from which cruise line?

Q2 – What is the largest cruise ship not owned by Royal Caribbean? (Gross tonnage)

Q3 – What is the maximum passenger capacity of Symphony of the Seas?

symphony of the seas

Q4 – Name the two Princess ships in the Royal class.

Q5 – Which cruise line has all if it’s ships names ending in ‘dam’?

Q6 – In which country is the headquarters of Viking Cruises?

Q7 – Regent Seven Seas are owned by which company?

Q8 – Which cruise line is the third-largest in the world?

Q9 – Which cruise line used to own ships called Sunward, Skyward, and Starward?


Q10 – Which class is Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas?

Q11 – How many cruise ships do Azamara have?

Q12 – To which cruise line does this ship belong?

emma independence of the seas

Q13 – Pacific Dawn (P&O Cruises Australia) has been bought by which British cruise line?

Q14 – Can you drink tap water on a cruise? Yes or No.

Q15 – Do Disney cruise line offer drinks packages?

Cruise Trivia, Round 7 Answers

A1 – Celestyal

A2 – Costa Smeralda

A3 –  6680

A4 – Royal Princess and Regal Princess

A5 – Holland America

A6 – Switzerland

A7 – Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

A8 – Norwegian Cruise Line

A9 – Norwegian Cruise Line

A10 – Quantum Class

A11  – 3, Journey, Quest and Pursuit

A12 – Royal Caribbean

A13 – Cruise and Maritime

A14 – Yes

A15 – No

Cruise Trivia, Round 8 Questions

Q1 – Which of the Norwegian Cruise Line ships is registered to the US?

Q2 – What is a cabin crawl?

Q3 – How many metres squared is the average inside cabin?

Q4 – On which cruise line will you find this cabin?

Norwegian Encore Oceanview Cabin Outside

Q5 – Which country are cruise line Hurtigruten from?

Q6 – On which cruise line which was this photo taken?

Viking Sea Emma Cruises Blue Nose Ceremony

Q7 – Which new Royal Caribbean ship delivery has been delayed from November 2020 to April 2021?

Q8 – What is the name of Disneys 5th cruise ship going to be? (Delivered in 2021, sailing 2022)

Q9 – According to CLIA what was the average age of a person on a cruise in 2019?

Q10 – What are these beds that come from the ceiling called?

pullman beds cruise ship inside cabin

Q11 – Where are Celebrity Cruises cruise ships flagged?

Q12 – Which cruise line runs ‘mystery’ cruises where the destinations aren’t known to guests?

Q13 – Being in MSC’s loyalty program gives you what percent discount on all cruises?

Q14 – Viking Cruises celebrated a birthday yesterday, how old are they?

Q15 – What percentage of norovirus cases happen on cruise ships?

Cruise Trivia, Round 8 Answers

A1 – Pride of America

A2 – It’s similar to a bar crawl, a group of passengers go cabin to cabin to view different stateroom categories.

A3 – 15m2

A4 – Norwegian Cruise Line (Encore)

A5 – Norway

A6 – Viking Cruise Line

A7 – Odyssey of The Seas

A8 – Disney Wish

A9 – 47

A10 – Pullman beds

A11 – Malta

A12 – Fred Olsen

A13 – 5%

A14 – 23

A15 – 0.18%

Cruise Trivia, Round 9 Questions

Q1 – Which MSC cruise ship is sailing the Mediterranean RIGHT NOW?

Q2 – What is the oldest cruise ship in the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet?

Q3 – What percentage of the world’s cruise ships are deployed to the Caribbean? (On a normal year, not right now)

Q4 – What does ‘Mein Schiff’ mean in English?

mein schiff cruise ship 2

Q5 – If you’re feeling seasick should you eat red or green apples?

Q6 – In which country is Genoa?

Q7 – Which MSC Cruise ship was floated out this week? (August 2020)

Q8 – What does ‘Crociere’ mean in English?

Q9 – Which brand of cola will you find on Norwegian Cruise Line ships? Coca Cola or Pepsi?

Q10 – What is the name of the wearable technology found on Princess cruises?

ocean medallion princess

Q11 – Which broadway-style musical will you find on the Norwegian Epic?

Q12 – Which cruise line is the oldest, Royal Caribbean, NCL, or Carnival?

Q13 – Which ship is the sister of the Norwegian Star?

Norwegian Star Cruise Ship

Q14 – Norwegian Cruise Line has what percentage of the worldwide cruising market? (As of 2018)

Q15 – Cruise ship Song of America was built for which cruise line?

Cruise Trivia, Round 9 Answers

A1 – MSC Grandiosa

A2 – Norwegian Spirit

A3 – 34%

A4 – My Ship

A5 – Green apples

A6 – Italy

A7 – MSC Seashore

A8 – Cruises

A9 – Pepsi

A10 – Ocean Medallion

A11 – Priscilla Queen of the Desert

A12 – NCL

A13 – Norwegian Dawn

A14 – 8.7%

A15 – Royal Caribbean

Cruise Trivia, Round 10 Questions

Q1 – Traditionally how long is a watch (shift) on the bridge of a cruise ship?

Q2 – What is the name of the person on a cruise who takes care of all the accounts and money?

Q3 – What is ‘potable water’?

Q4 – What does it mean when a cruise ship is said to be ‘Panamax’?

Q5 – What day of the week is it considered unlucky to sail out of port on?

Q6 – Where was Titanic built?

Q7 – Holland Americas Amsterdam and Rotterdam have been bought by Fred Olsen. What will their new names be?

Q8 – Who is second in command from the captain?

Q9 – What is the name of the cruise ship in this anagram – Cleanser Grips?

Q10 – What cruise port holds the International Mersey River festival?

Q11 – What are the four words that apparently make the word POSH?

Q12 – What part of the ship reduces its roll due to wind or waves?

Q13 – To which cruise line does the world’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered cruise ship belong?

Q14 – In what year did Carnival Fantasy join the fleet?

Q15 – In which class of cruise ship is Carnival’s Ecstasy?

Cruise Trivia, Round 10 Answers

A1 – 4 Hours

A2 – The purser

A3 – It’s drinkable

A4 – It’s width is the maximum that can go through the Panama canal

A5 – Friday

A6 – Belfast

Titanic vs a Modern Cruise Ship Fleet – Comparison with Photos!

A7 – Bolette and Borealis

A8 – Staff Captain

A9 – Regal Princess

A10 – Liverpool

A11 – Port Out, Starboard Home

A12 – Stabilisers

A13 – Aida

A14 – 1990

A15 – Fantasy class

Cruise Trivia, Round 11 Questions

Q1 – Which cruise ship is this?

Q2 – What cruise destination is this?

Q3 – Which cruise ship has Kelly Clarkson as it’s godmother?

Q4 – Which cruise ship has an escape room called “Apollo 18”?

Q5 – What is Southampton’s newest cruise terminal called?

Q6 – What is this in the red circle used for?

Q7 – Where was this photo taken?

Q8 – Which two cruise companies formed the ‘healthy sail’ panel?

Q9 – What are guests inside in this photo?

Q10 – Royal Caribbean’s oldest cruise ship was built in with year (Oldest currently still sailing for Royal Caribbean)?

Q11 – Which cruise line has the musical ‘SIX’?

Q12 – How old do you have to be to pay gratities on a Carnival cruise?

Q13 – Approximately what percentage of gratuities go to the stateroom staff?

Q14 – In Sep 2020, 4 ships from Carnival’s fantasy-class have been sold, how many are left?

Q15 – What is the main nationality of guest you’ll find on a P&O Cruise.

Cruise Trivia, Round 11 Answers

A1 – Queen Victoria.

A2 – Tromsø, Norway.

A3 – Norwegian Encore.

A4 – Oasis of the Seas.

A5 – Ocean Cruise Terminal.

A6 – Keep rats of the ship.

A7 – Kotor.

A8 – Royal Caribbean and Norwegian.

A9 – A Tender/Lifeboat.

A10 – 1989/1990.

A11 – Norwegian.

A12 – 2 years.

A13 – 25%.

A14 – 4.

A15 – British.

Cruise Trivia, Round 12 Questions

Q1 – How fast is 26 knots in miles per hour?

Q2 – What cruise port is this?

Q3 – In which country was Enchanted Princess built?

Q4 – Which former cruise ship has one of her anchors as a monument in Southampton?

Q5 – Where are the headquarters of Holland America?

Q6 – There are three cruise ships in Royal Caribbean’s Quantum class, Quantum, Anthem and which other?

Q7 – What is the skydiving simulator on Royal Caribbean ships called?

Q8 – In which decade were Carnival founded?

Q9 – What was the name of Carnival’s first ship?

Q10 – On which cruise line will you find this cabin?

Q11 – On a cruise ship, what name is given to waste water from toilets?

Q12 – Are there any ocean cruises where you have to disembark?

Q13 – Which cruise line does this ship belong to?

Q14 – Before Disney Crusie Line existed, another cruise line was partnered with Disney and able to use the Disney characters on their ships, which cruise line was it?

Q15 – Where are Disney’s cruise ships registered?

Cruise Trivia, Round 12 Answers

A1 – 30 MPH.

A2 – Vancouver, Canada.

A3 – Italy.

A4 – QE2.

A5 – Seattle.

A6 – Ovation.

A7 – RipCord® by iFLY®.

A8 – 1970s.

A9 – Mardi Gras.

A10 – MSC.

A11 – Black Water.

A12 – Yes, for customs reasons.

A13 – Hurtigruten.

A14 – Premier Cruise Lines.

A15 – The Bahamas.

Cruise Trivia, Round 13 Questions

Q1 – Which of these was not built in Finland: Allure of the Seas, Carnival Miracle, Costa Smeralda and Norwegian Epic?

Q2 – Put these cruise ports in order from North to South: Helsinki, Oslo and Vancouver (Canada)?

Q3 – Allure and Oasis are both too tall to go under the Great Belt Bridge. How to they fix this? A: Move the funnel pipes. B: Sail at Low Tide. C Open the bridge?

Q4 – What is the name of the Carnival cruise ship that will debut in Nov 2022?

Q5 – To which cruise line does this this belong?

Q6 – Which P&O ship was going to be Cunard’s Queen Victoria when it was first being built?

Q7 – What part of the world is Sea Dream heading to right now to start a cruising season?

Q8 – On which cruise line did I find this cookie?

Q9 – For a 7-night cruise, the Symphony of the Seas has how many tons of fresh fruit onboard? A – 12, B – 213, C – 340?

Q10 – You can gamble on a Royal Caribbean cruise at 19 unless you are cruising in which destination?

Q11 – According to Princess Cruises, crew can expect to get how many months off between contracts?

Q12 – What is the busiest cruise port in the world?

Q13 – What is this and why do I take it on a cruises?Wake up alarm cruise gifts

Q14 – What is the Mojito bar found on Norwegian Cruise Line ships called?

Q15 – How many US states begin with the letter A?

Cruise Trivia, Round 13 Answers

A1 – Norwegian Epic.

A2 – Helsinki, Oslo and Vancouver.

A3 – Move the funnel pipes.

A4 – Celebration.

A5 – Royal Caribbean.

A6 – Arcadia.

A7 – Bahamas/Caribbean.

A8 – MSC.

A9 – 340.

A10 – Alaska.

A11 – 2 Months.

A12 – Miami.

A13 – Wake up light.

A14 – Sugarcane.

A15 – 4.

Cruise Trivia, Round 14 Questions

Q1 – What European city would you be cruising to if you sailed past an island named Lido?

Q2 – In what country was Samuel Cunard, founder of Cunard Lines, born?

Q3 – Which cruise line does this ship belong to?


Q4 – Which cruise line has the Greek letter Chi on the funnels of their ships?

Q5 – Which cruise line features the extra cost “it’s a small world” nursery on its ships?

Q6 – The Titanic had a poop desk, true or false?

Q7 – Which cruise line has a magic show onboard called Astonishing?

Q8 – On many Royal Caribbean ships, what’s the name of the bar that wraps around the funnel?

Q9 – According to seafaring tradition, what must a sailor do to transform from a Pollywog to a Shellback?

Q10 – How many London airports are there?

Q11 – Ocean Village was a sister cruise line to which British cruise line?

Q12 – The CMV cruise ship Magellan was ORIGINALLY built for which cruise line? (Photo: Ivo Brasil)


Q13 – How many cruise ships have had the name Crown Princess?

Q14 – After selling the Marella Dream, how many cruise ships do Marella have in their fleet?

Q15 – What cruise line, from 1986 to 2016, has a corporate logo that depicted a ship most famously commanded by a captain named Hudson?

Cruise Trivia, Round 14 Answers

A1 – Venice.


A2 – Canada.

A3 – Costa.

A4 – Celebrity.

A5 – Disney.

A6 – True.

A7 – P&O.

A8 – Viking Crown Lounge.

A9 – Crossing the equator.

A10 – 6 (City, Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted and Southend)

A11 – P&O.

A12 – Carnival.

A13 – 2.

A14 – 4.

A15 – Holland America.


Cruise Trivia, Round 15 Questions

Q1 – Which Royal Caribbean cruise ship was the first to have ‘of the seas’ in the name?

Q2 – Which cruise ship was the first to include an indoor swimming pool?

Q3 – German cruise TUI Cruises are part-owned by Royal Caribbean, what percentage do Royal Caribbean own?

Q4 – Name the three cruise lines featured in this photo:


Q5 – How much does Symphony of the Seas spend on food per week?

Q6 – Which Royal Caribbean cruise ship was floated out this week?

Q7 – Which cruise line is shown here?


Q8 – What is this?


Q9 – What is Marella’s mascot called?  Hint: He’s an Alpaca?

Q10 – Do cruise ships have displacement hulls, or planing hulls?

Q11 – Pacific Explorer, Pacific Adventure, and Pacific Encounter belong to which cruise line?

Q12 – Which sits lower in the water, a cruise ship or an ocean liner?

Q13 – The Norwegian Sky had another name, while still with Norwegian Cruise Line, which was it?

Q14 – Which company owns Costa Cruises, Holland America, and Princess Cruises?

Q15 – What do Princess Cruises call the event where guests watch a movie on the top deck?

Cruise Trivia, Round 15 Answers

A1 – Sovereign of the Seas.

A2 – Adriatic.


A3 – 50%.

A4 – Aida, Princess and NCL.

A5 – $1 Million.

A6 – Odyssey of the Seas.


A7 – Marella.

A8 – Spare propeller blade.

A9 – Skipper


A10 – Displacement Hull.

A11 – P&O Australia.

A12 – Ocean Liner.

A13 – ​Pride of Aloha.

A14 – Carnival.

A15 – Movies under the Stars.


Cruise Trivia, Round 16 Questions

Q1 – Who is the godmother of Allure of The Seas?

Q2 – How many miles of electrical wiring was used to build Oasis of the Seas? – 100 miles, 1200 miles or 3300 miles?

Q3 – Titanic had a fake feature (you can see it in this photo) what is it?

Q4 – What are the white balls on top of cruise ships for?

cruise ship white balls on top radomes

Q5 – How did Cunard ship RMS Britannia guarantee fresh milk for her passengers back in the day?

Q6 – Which cruise line has a topless sunbathing deck? Hint: It’s not an American cruise line.

Q7 – How much did it cost to make Symphony of The Seas? $900 Million, $1.1 Billion or $1.3 Billion.

Q8 – Which religious organisation has its own cruise ship?

Q9 – To which cruise line does this cabin belong?

Q10 – What does Royal Caribbean call this?

Q11 – Why would a cruise line cut a cruise ship in half?

Q12 – Which cruise line has just announced a 136 day world cruise for 2021/2022, prices starting at £43,000?

Q13 – Which 2 Royal Caribbean ships have Royal Caribbean sold this week?

Q14 – What is the average cruise length (in days)?

Q15 – What is the Princess Cruises mascot bear called?

Cruise Trivia, Round 16 Answers

A1 – Princess Fiona.

A2 – 3,300 miles.

A3 – Funnel.

A4 – Satellite Communications.

A5 – A cow on board.

A6 – Hapag Lloyd.

A7 – $1.3 Billion.

A8 – Scientology.

A9 – Saga.

A10 – Tracelet.

A11 – To extend it.

A12 – Viking.

A13 – Empress and Majesty.

A14 – Seven.

A15 – Stanley.

Cruise Trivia, Round 17 Questions

Q1 – Which crew members can eat in the buffet on a cruise?

Q2 – This is the US patent for which cruise ship feature?

Q3 – Which cruise line is considering a 90-day cruise to nowhere when cruising resumes?

Q4 – In which decade was the Jewel of The Seas built?

Q5 – Why do river cruise ships not have elevators on the top decks?

Q6 – What is the roller coaster found on Carnival’s newest ship Mardi Gras called?

Q7 – What am I breaking here?

Q8 – Did Carnival’s original Mardi Gras have the wing-shaped design we are used to?

Q9 – What is a cruise ship jail called?

Q10 – Which cruise ship did P&O sell in 2020?

Q11 – How many cruise ships do Bahamas Paradise Line have?

Q12 – Which cruise line has a cruise ship that shares the name with a blimp from a Disney Pixar movie?

Q13 – Celestyal bought a new cruise ship in 2020, from which cruise line did the ship come?

Q14 – In 2018 what percentage of cruise passengers sailed with Disney Cruise Line? 0.5%, 2% or 5%?

Q15 – What class in Princess’ Royal Princess?

Cruise Trivia, Round 17 Answers

A1 – Staff and Officers and Entertainers.

A2 – Carnival whale tail.

A3 – Viking.

A4 – Naughties (2004).

A5 – They have to get under bridges.

A6 – Bolt.

A7 – Packing bag.

A8 – No.

A9 – Brig.

A10 – Oceana.

A11 – One.

A12 – Saga.

A13 – Costa.

A14 – 2%.

A15 – Royal class.

Cruise Trivia, Round 18 Questions

Q1 – In which country is Gothenburg?

Q2 – What does this flag mean when rasied on a cruise ship?

Q3 – What does ‘Smerelda’ mean in English?

Q4 – Which cruise line does this ship belong to?

Q5 – In which year was the Sky Princess launched?

Q6 – Which three Carnival cruise ship names start with P? (Carnival P______)

Q7 – What is Princess Cruises’ loyalty program called?

Q8 – What three colours are on the Carnical funnel?

Q9 – Some men can cruise for free by spending their time dancing and socialising with guests, what is the name of this job?

Q10 – Where was Titanic sailing to?

Q11 – How much ice cream does Anthem of the Seas use per week (in gallons) 200, 1600 or 8000?

Q12 – If you visited Russia, Germany, Estonia and Finland on a cruise, which itinerary would you be on?

Q13 – Which cruise line brings puppies on board the ship on some Alaska cruises?

Q14 – How many inside cains are there (for passengers) on the Viking Ocean ships?

Q15 – What is the currency of Bermuda?

Cruise Trivia, Round 18 Answers

A1 – Sweden.

A2 – Pilot on board.

A3 – Emerald.

A4 – Viking.

A5 – 2019.

A6 – Pride, Panarama, Paradise.

A7 – Captain’s Circle.

A8 – White, Blue and Red.

A9 – Gentleman Host.

A10 – New York, New York.

A11 – 8,000.

A12 – Baltic.

A13 – Princess.

A14 – Zero.

A15 – Bermudan Dollar.

Cruise Trivia, Round 19 Questions

Q1 – The cruise ship I’m holding here represents cruise line?

Q2 – What is the least populated continent?

Q3 – Which animated movie about a vampire takes place on a cruise ship?

Q4 – Who is this man? Photo taken on P&O’s Britannia.

Q5 – Which cruise line provides a Northern Lights guarantee for Northern Lights cruises?

Q6 – The private island Labadee is owned by which cruise line?

Q7 – Which cruise line’s logo is a crown on top of an anchor?

Q8 – The artist Peter Max designed the hull art for a ship owned by which cruise line?

Q9 – On which cruise line will you find this restaurant?

Q10 – Princess’s Golden Princess was sold to P&O Cruises Australia in 2020, what is her new name?

Q11 – On which cruise line will you find the Jamie’s Italian by Jamie Oliver restaurant?

Q12 – If you visited Ketchikan, Skagwat, and Juneau on a cruise, which itinerary would you be on?

Q13 – What is the daily schedule on a Princess cruise called?

Q14 – How many passengers does P&O’s Ventura hold? 2000, 3000 or 4000?

Q15 – Helsinki is the capital of which country?

Cruise Trivia, Round 19 Answers

A1 – P&O.

A2 – Antarctica.

A3 – Hotel Transylvania 3.

A4 – Marco Pierre White.

A5 – Hurtigruten.

A6 – Royal Caribbean.

A7 – Royal Caribbean.

A8 – NCL.

A9 – Costa.

A10 – Pacific Adventure.

A11 – Royal Caribbean.

A12 – Alaska.

A13 – Princess Patter.

A14 – 3,000.

A15 – Finland.

Cruise Trivia, Round 20 Questions

Q1 – Port Everglades is a cruise ship homeport in the USA that spans 3 cities including Hollywood, Dania Beach and where?

Q2 – Mayer Turku shipyard is located in what country?

Q3 – What Caribbean island has the two capital cities of Philipsburg and Marigot?

Q4 – What US city is served by two separate cruise terminals, Long Beach and San Pegro?

Q5 – What was the first shop operated by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line? A) Sovereign of the Seas B) Song of Norway C) Potato of the Seas?

Q6 – American Cruise Lines offers river cruises from New York on what US river?

Q7 – Aloha Tower was built as a lighthouse inside what city’s harbour?

Q8 – Which cruise line is launching with the world’s first roller coaster onboard?

Q9 – Which MSC cruise ship (still in operation for MSC) is the oldest?

Q10 – Which cruise line has recently announced the addition of a robot bartender called Rob?

Q11 – What is the Costa Firenze named after?

Q12 – If you visited Barcelona on a cruise, what cruise itinerary would you be taking?

Q13 – What is the daily schedule on a Royal Caribbean cruise called?

Q14 – How many passengers does P&O’s Ventura hold? 2000, 3000 or 4000?

Q15 – Lisbon is the capital of which country?

Cruise Trivia, Round 20 Answers

A1 – Fort Lauderdale.

A2 – Finland.

A3 – St. Martin.

A4 – Los Angeles.

A5 – Song of Norway.

A6 – Hudson.

A7 – Honolulu.

A8 – Carnival.

A9 – MSC Armonia.

A10 – MSC.

A11 – Florence.

A12 – Mediterrenean.

A13 – Cruise Compass.

A14 – 5000.

A15 – Portugal.

Cruise Trivia, Round 21 Questions

Q1 – Which river passes through Serbia?

Q2 – How many pounds of potatoes does Oasis of The Seas use in a week? a) 2,700 b) 18,000 c) 27,000

Q3 – If a crew member on a cruise ship eats in the buffet, do they have to wear their uniform?

Q4 – Which is longer/taller, the Titanic or the Empire State Building?

Q5 – What is P&O Cruises newest cruise ship going to be called?

Q6 – In which ocean is Fiji?

Q7 – On which cruise ship did the ‘poop cruise’ of 2013 happen?

Q8 – What was the maximum number of troops that the Queen Mary transported at once? (Designed for 2,000)

Q9 – Which sea is Mykonos in?

Q10 – In 2022, a cruise on Carnival Pride leaves Tampa with an ‘out of the ordinary’ dress code, what is it?

Q11 – Which ship is bigger (gross tonnage) Brilliance of The Seas or Liberty of The Seas?

Q12 – Which cruise line recently released a Monopoly set available for purchase?

Q13 – Do you have to do a muster drill on a river cruise?

Q14 – Which cruise line has a bar called the District Brewhouse?

Q15 – Which country is the furthest East, Norway, Finland or Sweden?

Cruise Trivia, Round 21 Answers

A1 – Danube River.

A2 – 18,000.

A3 – Yes.

A4 – Empire State Building.

A5 – Arvia.

A6 – Pacific Ocean.

A7 – Carnival Triumph.

A8 – 16,000.

A9 – Aegean Sea.

A10 – Naked.

A11 – Liberty of The Seas.

A12 – Carnival.

A13 – No.

A14 – NCL.

A15 – Finland.

Cruise Trivia, Round 22 Questions

Q1 – What is the newest Disney cruise ship going to be called? (Launching in 2022)?

Q2 – Which act means that foreign-flagged cruise ships cruising from the US have to dock in a foreign port?

Q3 – How long is the Panama canal? 51 miles, 78 miles or 108 miles?

Q4 – Which cruise line does this cruise ship belong to?

Q5 – Which ship is longest, the Titanic or the RMS Queen Mary?

Q6 – Which country is this? (A popular cruise destination)?

Q7 – Do Disney cruise ships have casinos?

Q8 – What is the poop deck on a cruise?

Q9 – At maximum capacity, which cruise ships holds more passengers, Explorer of the Seas of the Viking Sea?

Q10 – The new Carnival Radiance used to be called the Carnival what?

Q11 – Where will Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady be in the summer of 2021?

Q12 – Which celebrity has partnered with Celebrity Cruises to provide ‘Goop at sea’?

Q13 – To which cruise line does the cruise ship Arcadia belong?

Q14 – Silversea Cruises is owned by which cruise company?

Q15 – Where will Wonder of the Seas be sailing from when she launches next March?

Cruise Trivia, Round 22 Answers

A1 – Disney Wish.

A2 – PSVA, Passenger Services Vessel Act.

A3 – 51 miles.

A4 – RCL.

A5 – Queen Mary.

A6 – Bermuda.

A7 – No.

A8 – Farthest back open deck of the ship.

A9 – Explorer of the Seas.

A10 – Carnival Victory.

A11 – Southampton.

A12 – Gwyneth Paltrow.

A13 – P&O.

A14 – RCL.

A15 – China.

Cruise Trivia, Round 23 Questions

Q1 – Which cruise line’s logo is this?

Q2 – Which cruise line has a robot bartender called Rob?

Q3 – Which cruise line owns these crise ships? (It isn’t Norwegian Cruise Line)?

Q4 – Which cruise company has a wearable technology called the Queen Medallion?

Q5 – What is the most popular cruise port in Norway (by passenger numbers)?

Q6 – Which popular cruise port was the location used as ‘Kings Landing’ in the HBO show Game of Thrones?

Q7 – In the Simpsons cruise ship episode, what does Bart do to prolong the cruise?

Q8 – How much does it cost to use the ropes course on MSC cruise ships?

Q9 – The shape of the Pacific Dawn was modelled after which animal?

Q10 – Where was this photo taken?

Q11 – Alaska cruises are due to start again in the summer of 2021, where will the cruises depart from?

Q12 – Which cruise line is featured here?

Q13 – How much did Virgin Voyages Scarley Lady cost to build in millions of US dollars? 710, 760 ot 960.

Q14 – Which Princess cruise ship is the smallest (still in operation)?

Q15 – In which English county is Southampton located?

Cruise Trivia, Round 23 Answers

A1 – Celestyal.

A2 – MSC.

A3 – Dream Cruises.

A4 – Princess.

A5 – Bergen.

A6 – Dubrovnik.

A7 – He claimed that there is an epidemic outbreak.

A8 – Free.

A9 – Dolphin.

A10 – Rotterdam.

A11 – Seattle.

A12 – Aida.

A13 – 710 Million USD.

A14 – Coral Princess.

A15 – Hampshire.

Taking a Cruise: Recommendations and Resources

Book a Cruise:
Have a specific cruise you want to book or just need some help and inspiration? Get a cruise quote through us: Cruise Quote Form.

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Learn everything you need to know to find and book the perfect cruise in my How to Cruise For Less cruise course.

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Our full list of travel essentials can be found here.

Book a Cruise:
Have a specific cruise you want to book or just need some help and inspiration? Get a cruise quote through us: Cruise Quote Form.

Not Sure What to Book?
Learn everything you need to know to find and book the perfect cruise in my How to Cruise For Less cruise course.

Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance:
You could be stranded abroad, lose your entire cruise fare, or be hit with MASSIVE medical bills if you don’t have cruise travel insurance. I use comparison websites to compare quotes: Compare Quotes Here.

Our full list of travel essentials can be found here.