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342 Cruise Ship Quiz Questions (With Photos)

Think you know a lot about cruising? In this post, you’ll find HUNDREDS of cruise ship quiz questions to test your knowledge. 

Each week we are hosting a live cruise-based trivia session on my YouTube channel which you’ll find here: Emma Cruises YouTube Channel. All videos are available to watch after the event.

Below you’ll find the questions and answers.

Cruise Trivia, Round 1 Questions

Q1 – Which cruise like attempted to break a world recording by launching a 245 day cruise? Prices starting at $90,000.

Q2 – Which cruise lines luxury expedition yacht comes complete with a submarine and helicopter?

Q3 – Can you bring beer onto a Carnival cruise on Embarkation day?

Q4 – Disney has four cruise ships, name them.

Q5 – On Princess cruises a dessert item is paraded around the dining room on the last night of the cruise, what is the dessert item?

Q6 – The Pride of Aloha from Norwegian Cruise Line changed her name in 2008, what is her current name?

Pride of Aloha Norwegian Sky

Q7 – On Which cruise line will you find this statue?

Costa Luminosa Statue Women in Lobby

Q8 – On which cruise line will you find this cabin?

MSC Meraviglia Cruise Ship Cabin

Q9 – Which cruise line has the solo cruise balcony cabins pictured here?

P&O Cruises Solo Balcony Cabin

Q10 – Celestyal Cruises are a cruise line based in which country?

Celestyal Cruises

Q11 – On which cruise line will you find the beach house speciality restaurant?

The Beach House P&O Cruises

Q12 – Per year, how many cruise ship calls are there in Bergen, Noway?

Q13 – In what year was Norwegian Encore launched?

Norwegian Encore Dining Room

Q14 – The cruise ship Balmoral is owned by which cruise line?

Fred Olsens Balmoral

Q15 – Where was this photo taken?

Tallinn Estonia Cruise Ships

Cruise Trivia, Round 1 Questions

A1 – Viking Ocean Cruises. – A2 – Scenic – A3 – No, Wine only. Find out more here: Can You Bring Alcohol on a Cruise? (Cruise Line Guide) – A4 – Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. – A5 – Baked Alaska – A6 – Norwegian Sky – A7 – Costa Cruises – A8 – MSC Cruises – A9 – P&O Cruises – A10 – Greece – A11 – P&O Cruises – A12 – 326 – A13 – 2019 – A14 – Fred Olsen – A15 – Tallin, Estonia

Cruise Trivia, Round 2 Questions

Q1 – What two colours are on the Cunard funnel?

Q2 – P&O Cruises have a British part and a part based in which other country?

Q3 – Royal Caribbeans Independence of The Seas has two sisters, name them.

Q4 – On which cruise line will you find Eric Lanlard’s afternoon tea?

Q5 – Outside of the US what is the busiest cruise port by passenger numbers?

Q6 – In which city will you find the church of spilled blood?

Q7 – Why are cruise ships MOSTLY white?

Q8 – How many donkeys ‘work’ carrying tourists up and down the steps of Santorini?

Q9 – What was the name of Carnivals first cruise ship?

Q10 – Does the Carnival company have more, or less than 100 ships?

Q11 – Approximately how many cruise ship calls does Southampton (the biggest UK cruise port) have per year?

Q12 – How old is the colosseum in Rome?

Cruise Trivia, Round 2 Answers

A1 – Red and Black – A2 – Australia – A3 – Freedom of The Seas and Liberty of The Seas – A4 – P&O Cruises – A5 – Cozumel – A6 – St Petersburg – A7 – To Reflect Heat – A8 – Approximately 100 – A9 – Mardi Gras – A10 – More – A11 – 500 – A12 – 2000 Years

Cruise Trivia, Round 3 Questions

Q1 – On which cruise line will you find the deepest cruise ship swimming pool?

Q2 – How old do you have to be to cruise with Viking?

Q3 – Royal Princess has a sister ship who doesn’t belong to Princess, who is she?

Q4 – What language do the people of Cuba speak?

Q5 – What is the currency of Jamaica?

Q6 – What is the unit of measurement used to describe the speed of cruise ships?

Q7 – Which cruise line has a partnership with lego?

Q8 – What is the name of Princess cruises mascot teddy bear?

Q9 – In which country will you find Gothenburg?

Q10 – What is the name of MSC Meraviglia’s sister ship?

Q11 – Which countries flag is this?

flag cruise trivia

Q12 – Which countries flag is this?

cruise trivia flag

Q13 – Which countries flag is this?

cruise trivia flag

Q14 – Which countries flag is this?

cruise trivia flag

Q15 – Which countries flag is this?

cruise trivia flag

Cruise Trivia, Round 3 Answers

A1 – Royal Caribbean – A2 – 18 – A3 – P&O, Britannia – A4 – Spanish – A5 – Jamaican Dollar – A6 – Knots – A7 – MSC – A8 – Stanley – A9 – Sweden – A10 – MSC Meraviglia – A11 – Greece – A12 – Italy – A13 – Turkey – A14 – USA – A15 – Norway

Cruise Trivia, Round 4 Questions

Q1 – In which European country have river cruises restarted?

Q2 – What is the name of Virgin Voyages second cruise ship?

Q3 – Where is this?

loch ness british isles cruise

Q4 – Which Norwegian Cruise Line cruise ship has this bathroom layout?

Norwegian Epic Bathroom Shower and Toilet Sink in Room

Q5 – What is the top loyalty status with Royal Caribbean?

Q6 – Norwegian Cruise Line have released guidelines for when they return to cruising, do the guidelines say that passengers must wear masks onboard?

Q7 – All ships for which cruise line end their names with the letter A?

Q8 – How many pools does the Sapphire Princess have? 1, 3 or 5?

Q9 – Royal Caribbean have recently patented a new invention, a face mask, what is it called?

Q10 – Which is the only cruise line that shows movies the same day that they premier on land?

Q11 – What is Holland Americas private island called?

Q12 – Hong Kong has two official languages, what are they?

Q13 – What is the buffet on Royal Caribbean cruise ships called?

Q14 – Many MSC cruise ship have real Crystal staircases, how much does each step cost?

Q15 – Which cruise line is hosting a 90s vs 00’s cruise in September?

Cruise Trivia, Round 4 Answers

A1 – Germany – A2 – Valiant Lady – A3 – Loch Ness, Scotland – A4 – Norwegian Epic – A5 – Pinnacle – A6 – No – A7 – Costa – A8 – 5 – A9 –  Seaface – A10 – Disney Cruise Line – A11 – Half Moon Cay – A12 – Chinese and English – A13 – Windjammer – A14 – £10,000/$13,000 – A15 – Marella

Cruise Trivia, Round 5 Questions

Q1 – What is this thing on the Anthem of the Seas called?

anthem of the seas

Q2 – Which is the only cruise line to cruise to Norway year round?

Q3 – Which cruise line does this ship belong to?

norwegian spirit

Q4 – What does the abbreviation ‘B2B’ mean when talking about cruise bookings?

Q5 – What colour are the lifeboats on Disney cruise ships?

Q6 – What is the capital of Hawaii?

Q7 – Which country has the most number of bikes per capita?

netherlands bikes

Q8 – Which sky line is this?

new york city

Q9 – Which Cunard cruise ship is being used as a hotel in Dubai?

Q10 – Which MSC Cruise Ship was meant to launch in September 2020?

Q11 – What is the official language of Bermuda?

Q12 – Valetta is the capital of which country?

Q13 – What is the ‘whale tail’ on a Carnival cruise ship?

Q14 – On which cruise line will you find this aft pool?

msc seaside aft pool

Q15 – What is the biggest cruise ship in the world?

Cruise Trivia, Round 5 Answers

A1 – North Star – A2 – Hurtigruten – A3 – Norwegian Cruise Line – A4 – Back to Back – A5 – Yellow – A6 – Honolulu – A7 – Netherlands – A8 – New York City – A9 – Queen Elizabeth 2 – A10 – MSC Virtuosa – A11 – English – A12 – Malta – A13 – Funnel – A14 – MSC – A15 – Symphony of The Seas

Cruise Trivia, Round 6 Questions

Q1 – On which cruise line will you find this HUGE sports court?

msc meraviglia sports court

Q2 – Which fruit is considered unlucky on ships?

Q3 – Which coffee chain will you find on Norwegian Cruise Line ships?

Q4 – The new cruise guidelines released from the EU suggest that cruise lines should shut which type of pools? Inside pools or outside pools?

Q5 – Kotor is a town in which country?

kotor montenegro

Q6 – Cunard celebrates its birthday tomorrow, how old is the company?

Q7 – Viking cruises have a ship designed specially for the Mississippi river, how many decks does she have?

Q8 – In 2021 Hurtigruten will be sailing from the UK, which port will they sail from?

Q9 – Which cruise ship is this?

marella discovery

Q10 – Pullmantur cruises are a cruise line from which country?

Q11 – On which cruise line will you find the Million Dollar Quartet?

Q12 – What is the name of the pizza restaurant found on Princess cruises?

Q13 – Amber Cove is a cruise terminal for which country?

Q14 – P&O cruises recently removed what from their sail away parties?

Q15 – Which cruise line features in these photos?

saga cruise spirit of discovery

Cruise Trivia, Round 6 Answers

A1 – MSC – A2 – Bananas – A3 – Starbucks – A4 – Inside pools – A5 – Montenegro – A6 – 180 years old – A7 – 5 Decks – A8 – Dover – A9 – Marella Discovery – A10 – Spain – A11 – Norwegian Cruise Line – A12 – Alfredos – A13 – Dominican Republic – A14 – Plastic flags! – A15 – Saga

Cruise Trivia, Round 7 Questions

Q1 – Greek cruise line Celestyal have just bought a cruise ship from which cruise line?

Q2 – What is the largest cruise ship not owned by Royal Caribbean? (Gross tonnage)

Q3 – What is the maximum passenger capacity of Symphony of the Seas?

symphony of the seas

Q4 – Name the two Princess ships in the Royal class.

Q5 – Which cruise line has all if it’s ships names ending in ‘dam’?

Q6 – In which country is the headquarters of Viking Cruises?

Q7 – Regent Seven Seas are owned by which company?

Q8 – Which cruise line is the third-largest in the world?

Q9 – Which cruise line used to own ships called Sunward, Skyward, and Starward?


Q10 – Which class is Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas?

Q11 – How many cruise ships do Azamara have?

Q12 – To which cruise line does this ship belong?

emma independence of the seas

Q13 – Pacific Dawn (P&O Cruises Australia) has been bought by which British cruise line?

Q14 – Can you drink tap water on a cruise? Yes or No.

Q15 – Do Disney cruise line offer drinks packages?

Cruise Trivia, Round 7 Answers

A1 – Celestyal

A2 – Costa Smeralda

A3 –  6680

A4 – Royal Princess and Regal Princess

A5 – Holland America

A6 – Switzerland

A7 – Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

A8 – Norwegian Cruise Line

A9 – Norwegian Cruise Line

A10 – Quantum Class

A11  – 3, Journey, Quest and Pursuit

A12 – Royal Caribbean

A13 – Cruise and Maritime

A14 – Yes

A15 – No

Cruise Trivia, Round 8 Questions

Q1 – Which of the Norwegian Cruise Line ships is registered to the US?

Q2 – What is a cabin crawl?

Q3 – How many metres squared is the average inside cabin?

Q4 – On which cruise line will you find this cabin?

Norwegian Encore Oceanview Cabin Outside

Q5 – Which country are cruise line Hurtigruten from?

Q6 – On which cruise line which was this photo taken?

Viking Sea Emma Cruises Blue Nose Ceremony

Q7 – Which new Royal Caribbean ship delivery has been delayed from November 2020 to April 2021?

Q8 – What is the name of Disneys 5th cruise ship going to be? (Delivered in 2021, sailing 2022)

Q9 – According to CLIA what was the average age of a person on a cruise in 2019?

Q10 – What are these beds that come from the ceiling called?

pullman beds cruise ship inside cabin

Q11 – Where are Celebrity Cruises cruise ships flagged?

Q12 – Which cruise line runs ‘mystery’ cruises where the destinations aren’t known to guests?

Q13 – Being in MSC’s loyalty program gives you what percent discount on all cruises?

Q14 – Viking Cruises celebrated a birthday yesterday, how old are they?

Q15 – What percentage of norovirus cases happen on cruise ships?

Cruise Trivia, Round 8 Answers

A1 – Pride of America

A2 – It’s similar to a bar crawl, a group of passengers go cabin to cabin to view different stateroom categories.

A3 – 15m2

A4 – Norwegian Cruise Line (Encore)

A5 – Norway

A6 – Viking Cruise Line

A7 – Odyssey of The Seas

A8 – Disney Wish

A9 – 47

A10 – Pullman beds

A11 – Malta

A12 – Fred Olsen

A13 – 5%

A14 – 23

A15 – 0.18%

Cruise Trivia, Round 9 Questions

Q1 – Which MSC cruise ship is sailing the Mediterranean RIGHT NOW?

Q2 – What is the oldest cruise ship in the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet?

Q3 – What percentage of the world’s cruise ships are deployed to the Caribbean? (On a normal year, not right now)

Q4 – What does ‘Mein Schiff’ mean in English?

mein schiff cruise ship 2

Q5 – If you’re feeling seasick should you eat red or green apples?

Q6 – In which country is Genoa?

Q7 – Which MSC Cruise ship was floated out this week? (August 2020)

Q8 – What does ‘Crociere’ mean in English?

Q9 – Which brand of cola will you find on Norwegian Cruise Line ships? Coca Cola or Pepsi?

Q10 – What is the name of the wearable technology found on Princess cruises?

ocean medallion princess

Q11 – Which broadway-style musical will you find on the Norwegian Epic?

Q12 – Which cruise line is the oldest, Royal Caribbean, NCL, or Carnival?

Q13 – Which ship is the sister of the Norwegian Star?

Norwegian Star Cruise Ship

Q14 – Norwegian Cruise Line has what percentage of the worldwide cruising market? (As of 2018)

Q15 – Cruise ship Song of America was built for which cruise line?

Cruise Trivia, Round 9 Answers

A1 – MSC Grandiosa

A2 – Norwegian Spirit

A3 – 34%

A4 – My Ship

A5 – Green apples

A6 – Italy

A7 – MSC Seashore

A8 – Cruises

A9 – Pepsi

A10 – Ocean Medallion

A11 – Priscilla Queen of the Desert

A12 – NCL

A13 – Norwegian Dawn

A14 – 8.7%

A15 – Royal Caribbean

Cruise Trivia, Round 10 Questions

Q1 – Traditionally how long is a watch (shift) on the bridge of a cruise ship?

Q2 – What is the name of the person on a cruise who takes care of all the accounts and money?

Q3 – What is ‘potable water’?

Q4 – What does it mean when a cruise ship is said to be ‘Panamax’?

Q5 – What day of the week is it considered unlucky to sail out of port on?

Q6 – Where was Titanic built?

Q7 – Holland Americas Amsterdam and Rotterdam have been bought by Fred Olsen. What will their new names be?

Q8 – Who is second in command from the captain?

Q9 – What is the name of the cruise ship in this anagram – Cleanser Grips?

Q10 – What cruise port holds the International Mersey River festival?

Q11 – What are the four words that apparently make the word POSH?

Q12 – What part of the ship reduces its roll due to wind or waves?

Q13 – To which cruise line does the world’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered cruise ship belong?

Q14 – In what year did Carnival Fantasy join the fleet?

Q15 – In which class of cruise ship is Carnival’s Ecstasy?

Cruise Trivia, Round 10 Answers

A1 – 4 Hours

A2 – The purser

A3 – It’s drinkable

A4 – It’s width is the maximum that can go through the Panama canal

A5 – Friday

A6 – Belfast

Titanic vs a Modern Cruise Ship Fleet – Comparison with Photos!

A7 – Bolette and Borealis

A8 – Staff Captain

A9 – Regal Princess

A10 – Liverpool

A11 – Port Out, Starboard Home

A12 – Stabilisers

A13 – Aida

A14 – 1990

A15 – Fantasy class

Cruise Trivia, Round 11 Questions

Q1 – Which cruise ship is this?

Q2 – What cruise destination is this?

Q3 – Which cruise ship has Kelly Clarkson as it’s godmother?

Q4 – Which cruise ship has an escape room called “Apollo 18”?

Q5 – What is Southampton’s newest cruise terminal called?

Q6 – What is this in the red circle used for?

Q7 – Where was this photo taken?

Q8 – Which two cruise companies formed the ‘healthy sail’ panel?

Q9 – What are guests inside in this photo?

Q10 – Royal Caribbean’s oldest cruise ship was built in with year (Oldest currently still sailing for Royal Caribbean)?

Q11 – Which cruise line has the musical ‘SIX’?

Q12 – How old do you have to be to pay gratities on a Carnival cruise?

Q13 – Approximately what percentage of gratuities go to the stateroom staff?

Q14 – In Sep 2020, 4 ships from Carnival’s fantasy-class have been sold, how many are left?

Q15 – What is the main nationality of guest you’ll find on a P&O Cruise.

Cruise Trivia, Round 11 Answers

A1 – Queen Victoria.

A2 – Tromsø, Norway.

A3 – Norwegian Encore.

A4 – Oasis of the Seas.

A5 – Ocean Cruise Terminal.

A6 – Keep rats of the ship.

A7 – Kotor.

A8 – Royal Caribbean and Norwegian.

A9 – A Tender/Lifeboat.

A10 – 1989/1990.

A11 – Norwegian.

A12 – 2 years.

A13 – 25%.

A14 – 4.

A15 – British.

Cruise Trivia, Round 12 Questions

Q1 – How fast is 26 knots in miles per hour?

Q2 – What cruise port is this?

Q3 – In which country was Enchanted Princess built?

Q4 – Which former cruise ship has one of her anchors as a monument in Southampton?

Q5 – Where are the headquarters of Holland America?

Q6 – There are three cruise ships in Royal Caribbean’s Quantum class, Quantum, Anthem and which other?

Q7 – What is the skydiving simulator on Royal Caribbean ships called?

Q8 – In which decade were Carnival founded?

Q9 – What was the name of Carnival’s first ship?

Q10 – On which cruise line will you find this cabin?

Q11 – On a cruise ship, what name is given to waste water from toilets?

Q12 – Are there any ocean cruises where you have to disembark?

Q13 – Which cruise line does this ship belong to?

Q14 – Before Disney Crusie Line existed, another cruise line was partnered with Disney and able to use the Disney characters on their ships, which cruise line was it?

Q15 – Where are Disney’s cruise ships registered?

Cruise Trivia, Round 12 Answers

A1 – 30 MPH.

A2 – Vancouver, Canada.

A3 – Italy.

A4 – QE2.

A5 – Seattle.

A6 – Ovation.

A7 – RipCord® by iFLY®.

A8 – 1970s.

A9 – Mardi Gras.

A10 – MSC.

A11 – Black Water.

A12 – Yes, for customs reasons.

A13 – Hurtigruten.

A14 – Premier Cruise Lines.

A15 – The Bahamas.

Cruise Trivia, Round 13 Questions

Q1 – Which of these was not built in Finland: Allure of the Seas, Carnival Miracle, Costa Smeralda and Norwegian Epic?

Q2 – Put these cruise ports in order from North to South: Helsinki, Oslo and Vancouver (Canada)?

Q3 – Allure and Oasis are both too tall to go under the Great Belt Bridge. How to they fix this? A: Move the funnel pipes. B: Sail at Low Tide. C Open the bridge?

Q4 – What is the name of the Carnival cruise ship that will debut in Nov 2022?

Q5 – To which cruise line does this this belong?

Q6 – Which P&O ship was going to be Cunard’s Queen Victoria when it was first being built?

Q7 – What part of the world is Sea Dream heading to right now to start a cruising season?

Q8 – On which cruise line did I find this cookie?

Q9 – For a 7-night cruise, the Symphony of the Seas has how many tons of fresh fruit onboard? A – 12, B – 213, C – 340?

Q10 – You can gamble on a Royal Caribbean cruise at 19 unless you are cruising in which destination?

Q11 – According to Princess Cruises, crew can expect to get how many months off between contracts?

Q12 – What is the busiest cruise port in the world?

Q13 – What is this and why do I take it on a cruises?Wake up alarm cruise gifts

Q14 – What is the Mojito bar found on Norwegian Cruise Line ships called?

Q15 – How many US states begin with the letter A?

Cruise Trivia, Round 13 Answers

A1 – Norwegian Epic.

A2 – Helsinki, Oslo and Vancouver.

A3 – Move the funnel pipes.

A4 – Celebration.

A5 – Royal Caribbean.

A6 – Arcadia.

A7 – Bahamas/Caribbean.

A8 – MSC.

A9 – 340.

A10 – Alaska.

A11 – 2 Months.

A12 – Miami.

A13 – Wake up light.

A14 – Sugarcane.

A15 – 4.

Cruise Trivia, Round 14 Questions

Q1 – What European city would you be cruising to if you sailed past an island named Lido?

Q2 – In what country was Samuel Cunard, founder of Cunard Lines, born?

Q3 – Which cruise line does this ship belong to?


Q4 – Which cruise line has the Greek letter Chi on the funnels of their ships?

Q5 – Which cruise line features the extra cost “it’s a small world” nursery on its ships?

Q6 – The Titanic had a poop desk, true or false?

Q7 – Which cruise line has a magic show onboard called Astonishing?

Q8 – On many Royal Caribbean ships, what’s the name of the bar that wraps around the funnel?

Q9 – According to seafaring tradition, what must a sailor do to transform from a Pollywog to a Shellback?

Q10 – How many London airports are there?

Q11 – Ocean Village was a sister cruise line to which British cruise line?

Q12 – The CMV cruise ship Magellan was ORIGINALLY built for which cruise line? (Photo: Ivo Brasil)


Q13 – How many cruise ships have had the name Crown Princess?

Q14 – After selling the Marella Dream, how many cruise ships do Marella have in their fleet?

Q15 – What cruise line, from 1986 to 2016, has a corporate logo that depicted a ship most famously commanded by a captain named Hudson?

Cruise Trivia, Round 14 Answers

A1 – Venice.


A2 – Canada.

A3 – Costa.

A4 – Celebrity.

A5 – Disney.

A6 – True.

A7 – P&O.

A8 – Viking Crown Lounge.

A9 – Crossing the equator.

A10 – 6 (City, Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted and Southend)

A11 – P&O.

A12 – Carnival.

A13 – 2.

A14 – 4.

A15 – Holland America.


Cruise Trivia, Round 15 Questions

Q1 – Which Royal Caribbean cruise ship was the first to have ‘of the seas’ in the name?

Q2 – Which cruise ship was the first to include an indoor swimming pool?

Q3 – German cruise TUI Cruises are part-owned by Royal Caribbean, what percentage do Royal Caribbean own?

Q4 – Name the three cruise lines featured in this photo:


Q5 – How much does Symphony of the Seas spend on food per week?

Q6 – Which Royal Caribbean cruise ship was floated out this week?

Q7 – Which cruise line is shown here?


Q8 – What is this?


Q9 – What is Marella’s mascot called?  Hint: He’s an Alpaca?

Q10 – Do cruise ships have displacement hulls, or planing hulls?

Q11 – Pacific Explorer, Pacific Adventure, and Pacific Encounter belong to which cruise line?

Q12 – Which sits lower in the water, a cruise ship or an ocean liner?

Q13 – The Norwegian Sky had another name, while still with Norwegian Cruise Line, which was it?

Q14 – Which company owns Costa Cruises, Holland America, and Princess Cruises?

Q15 – What do Princess Cruises call the event where guests watch a movie on the top deck?

Cruise Trivia, Round 15 Answers

A1 – Sovereign of the Seas.

A2 – Adriatic.


A3 – 50%.

A4 – Aida, Princess and NCL.

A5 – $1 Million.

A6 – Odyssey of the Seas.


A7 – Marella.

A8 – Spare propeller blade.

A9 – Skipper


A10 – Displacement Hull.

A11 – P&O Australia.

A12 – Ocean Liner.

A13 – ​Pride of Aloha.

A14 – Carnival.

A15 – Movies under the Stars.


Cruise Trivia, Round 16 Questions

Q1 – Who is the godmother of Allure of The Seas?

Q2 – How many miles of electrical wiring was used to build Oasis of the Seas? – 100 miles, 1200 miles or 3300 miles?

Q3 – Titanic had a fake feature (you can see it in this photo) what is it?

Q4 – What are the white balls on top of cruise ships for?

cruise ship white balls on top radomes

Q5 – How did Cunard ship RMS Britannia guarantee fresh milk for her passengers back in the day?

Q6 – Which cruise line has a topless sunbathing deck? Hint: It’s not an American cruise line.

Q7 – How much did it cost to make Symphony of The Seas? $900 Million, $1.1 Billion or $1.3 Billion.

Q8 – Which religious organisation has its own cruise ship?

Q9 – To which cruise line does this cabin belong?

Q10 – What does Royal Caribbean call this?

Q11 – Why would a cruise line cut a cruise ship in half?

Q12 – Which cruise line has just announced a 136 day world cruise for 2021/2022, prices starting at £43,000?

Q13 – Which 2 Royal Caribbean ships have Royal Caribbean sold this week?

Q14 – What is the average cruise length (in days)?

Q15 – What is the Princess Cruises mascot bear called?

Cruise Trivia, Round 16 Answers

A1 – Princess Fiona.

A2 – 3,300 miles.

A3 – Funnel.

A4 – Satellite Communications.

A5 – A cow on board.

A6 – Hapag Lloyd.

A7 – $1.3 Billion.

A8 – Scientology.

A9 – Saga.

A10 – Tracelet.

A11 – To extend it.

A12 – Viking.

A13 – Empress and Majesty.

A14 – Seven.

A15 – Stanley.

Cruise Trivia, Round 17 Questions

Q1 – Which crew members can eat in the buffet on a cruise?

Q2 – This is the US patent for which cruise ship feature?

Q3 – Which cruise line is considering a 90-day cruise to nowhere when cruising resumes?

Q4 – In which decade was the Jewel of The Seas built?

Q5 – Why do river cruise ships not have elevators on the top decks?

Q6 – What is the roller coaster found on Carnival’s newest ship Mardi Gras called?

Q7 – What am I breaking here?

Q8 – Did Carnival’s original Mardi Gras have the wing-shaped design we are used to?

Q9 – What is a cruise ship jail called?

Q10 – Which cruise ship did P&O sell in 2020?

Q11 – How many cruise ships do Bahamas Paradise Line have?

Q12 – Which cruise line has a cruise ship that shares the name with a blimp from a Disney Pixar movie?

Q13 – Celestyal bought a new cruise ship in 2020, from which cruise line did the ship come?

Q14 – In 2018 what percentage of cruise passengers sailed with Disney Cruise Line? 0.5%, 2% or 5%?

Q15 – What class in Princess’ Royal Princess?

Cruise Trivia, Round 17 Answers

A1 – Staff and Officers and Entertainers.

A2 – Carnival whale tail.

A3 – Viking.

A4 – Naughties (2004).

A5 – They have to get under bridges.

A6 – Bolt.

A7 – Packing bag.

A8 – No.

A9 – Brig.

A10 – Oceana.

A11 – One.

A12 – Saga.

A13 – Costa.

A14 – 2%.

A15 – Royal class.

Cruise Trivia, Round 18 Questions

Q1 – In which country is Gothenburg?

Q2 – What does this flag mean when rasied on a cruise ship?

Q3 – What does ‘Smerelda’ mean in English?

Q4 – Which cruise line does this ship belong to?

Q5 – In which year was the Sky Princess launched?

Q6 – Which three Carnival cruise ship names start with P? (Carnival P______)

Q7 – What is Princess Cruises’ loyalty program called?

Q8 – What three colours are on the Carnical funnel?

Q9 – Some men can cruise for free by spending their time dancing and socialising with guests, what is the name of this job?

Q10 – Where was Titanic sailing to?

Q11 – How much ice cream does Anthem of the Seas use per week (in gallons) 200, 1600 or 8000?

Q12 – If you visited Russia, Germany, Estonia and Finland on a cruise, which itinerary would you be on?

Q13 – Which cruise line brings puppies on board the ship on some Alaska cruises?

Q14 – How many inside cains are there (for passengers) on the Viking Ocean ships?

Q15 – What is the currency of Bermuda?

Cruise Trivia, Round 18 Answers

A1 – Sweden.

A2 – Pilot on board.

A3 – Emerald.

A4 – Viking.

A5 – 2019.

A6 – Pride, Panarama, Paradise.

A7 – Captain’s Circle.

A8 – White, Blue and Red.

A9 – Gentleman Host.

A10 – New York, New York.

A11 – 8,000.

A12 – Baltic.

A13 – Princess.

A14 – Zero.

A15 – Bermudan Dollar.

Cruise Trivia, Round 19 Questions

Q1 – The cruise ship I’m holding here represents cruise line?

Q2 – What is the least populated continent?

Q3 – Which animated movie about a vampire takes place on a cruise ship?

Q4 – Who is this man? Photo taken on P&O’s Britannia.

Q5 – Which cruise line provides a Northern Lights guarantee for Northern Lights cruises?

Q6 – The private island Labadee is owned by which cruise line?

Q7 – Which cruise line’s logo is a crown on top of an anchor?

Q8 – The artist Peter Max designed the hull art for a ship owned by which cruise line?

Q9 – On which cruise line will you find this restaurant?

Q10 – Princess’s Golden Princess was sold to P&O Cruises Australia in 2020, what is her new name?

Q11 – On which cruise line will you find the Jamie’s Italian by Jamie Oliver restaurant?

Q12 – If you visited Ketchikan, Skagwat, and Juneau on a cruise, which itinerary would you be on?

Q13 – What is the daily schedule on a Princess cruise called?

Q14 – How many passengers does P&O’s Ventura hold? 2000, 3000 or 4000?

Q15 – Helsinki is the capital of which country?

Cruise Trivia, Round 19 Answers

A1 – P&O.

A2 – Antarctica.

A3 – Hotel Transylvania 3.

A4 – Marco Pierre White.

A5 – Hurtigruten.

A6 – Royal Caribbean.

A7 – Royal Caribbean.

A8 – NCL.

A9 – Costa.

A10 – Pacific Adventure.

A11 – Royal Caribbean.

A12 – Alaska.

A13 – Princess Patter.

A14 – 3,000.

A15 – Finland.

Cruise Trivia, Round 20 Questions

Q1 – Port Everglades is a cruise ship homeport in the USA that spans 3 cities including Hollywood, Dania Beach and where?

Q2 – Mayer Turku shipyard is located in what country?

Q3 – What Caribbean island has the two capital cities of Philipsburg and Marigot?

Q4 – What US city is served by two separate cruise terminals, Long Beach and San Pegro?

Q5 – What was the first shop operated by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line? A) Sovereign of the Seas B) Song of Norway C) Potato of the Seas?

Q6 – American Cruise Lines offers river cruises from New York on what US river?

Q7 – Aloha Tower was built as a lighthouse inside what city’s harbour?

Q8 – Which cruise line is launching with the world’s first roller coaster onboard?

Q9 – Which MSC cruise ship (still in operation for MSC) is the oldest?

Q10 – Which cruise line has recently announced the addition of a robot bartender called Rob?

Q11 – What is the Costa Firenze named after?

Q12 – If you visited Barcelona on a cruise, what cruise itinerary would you be taking?

Q13 – What is the daily schedule on a Royal Caribbean cruise called?

Q14 – How many passengers does P&O’s Ventura hold? 2000, 3000 or 4000?

Q15 – Lisbon is the capital of which country?

Cruise Trivia, Round 20 Answers

A1 – Fort Lauderdale.

A2 – Finland.

A3 – St. Martin.

A4 – Los Angeles.

A5 – Song of Norway.

A6 – Hudson.

A7 – Honolulu.

A8 – Carnival.

A9 – MSC Armonia.

A10 – MSC.

A11 – Florence.

A12 – Mediterrenean.

A13 – Cruise Compass.

A14 – 5000.

A15 – Portugal.

Cruise Trivia, Round 21 Questions

Q1 – Which river passes through Serbia?

Q2 – How many pounds of potatoes does Oasis of The Seas use in a week? a) 2,700 b) 18,000 c) 27,000

Q3 – If a crew member on a cruise ship eats in the buffet, do they have to wear their uniform?

Q4 – Which is longer/taller, the Titanic or the Empire State Building?

Q5 – What is P&O Cruises newest cruise ship going to be called?

Q6 – In which ocean is Fiji?

Q7 – On which cruise ship did the ‘poop cruise’ of 2013 happen?

Q8 – What was the maximum number of troops that the Queen Mary transported at once? (Designed for 2,000)

Q9 – Which sea is Mykonos in?

Q10 – In 2022, a cruise on Carnival Pride leaves Tampa with an ‘out of the ordinary’ dress code, what is it?

Q11 – Which ship is bigger (gross tonnage) Brilliance of The Seas or Liberty of The Seas?

Q12 – Which cruise line recently released a Monopoly set available for purchase?

Q13 – Do you have to do a muster drill on a river cruise?

Q14 – Which cruise line has a bar called the District Brewhouse?

Q15 – Which country is the furthest East, Norway, Finland or Sweden?

Cruise Trivia, Round 21 Answers

A1 – Danube River.

A2 – 18,000.

A3 – Yes.

A4 – Empire State Building.

A5 – Arvia.

A6 – Pacific Ocean.

A7 – Carnival Triumph.

A8 – 16,000.

A9 – Aegean Sea.

A10 – Naked.

A11 – Liberty of The Seas.

A12 – Carnival.

A13 – No.

A14 – NCL.

A15 – Finland.

Cruise Trivia, Round 22 Questions

Q1 – What is the newest Disney cruise ship going to be called? (Launching in 2022)?

Q2 – Which act means that foreign-flagged cruise ships cruising from the US have to dock in a foreign port?

Q3 – How long is the Panama canal? 51 miles, 78 miles or 108 miles?

Q4 – Which cruise line does this cruise ship belong to?

Q5 – Which ship is longest, the Titanic or the RMS Queen Mary?

Q6 – Which country is this? (A popular cruise destination)?

Q7 – Do Disney cruise ships have casinos?

Q8 – What is the poop deck on a cruise?

Q9 – At maximum capacity, which cruise ships holds more passengers, Explorer of the Seas of the Viking Sea?

Q10 – The new Carnival Radiance used to be called the Carnival what?

Q11 – Where will Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady be in the summer of 2021?

Q12 – Which celebrity has partnered with Celebrity Cruises to provide ‘Goop at sea’?

Q13 – To which cruise line does the cruise ship Arcadia belong?

Q14 – Silversea Cruises is owned by which cruise company?

Q15 – Where will Wonder of the Seas be sailing from when she launches next March?

Cruise Trivia, Round 22 Answers

A1 – Disney Wish.

A2 – PSVA, Passenger Services Vessel Act.

A3 – 51 miles.

A4 – RCL.

A5 – Queen Mary.

A6 – Bermuda.

A7 – No.

A8 – Farthest back open deck of the ship.

A9 – Explorer of the Seas.

A10 – Carnival Victory.

A11 – Southampton.

A12 – Gwyneth Paltrow.

A13 – P&O.

A14 – RCL.

A15 – China.

Cruise Trivia, Round 23 Questions

Q1 – Which cruise line’s logo is this?

Q2 – Which cruise line has a robot bartender called Rob?

Q3 – Which cruise line owns these crise ships? (It isn’t Norwegian Cruise Line)?

Q4 – Which cruise company has a wearable technology called the Queen Medallion?

Q5 – What is the most popular cruise port in Norway (by passenger numbers)?

Q6 – Which popular cruise port was the location used as ‘Kings Landing’ in the HBO show Game of Thrones?

Q7 – In the Simpsons cruise ship episode, what does Bart do to prolong the cruise?

Q8 – How much does it cost to use the ropes course on MSC cruise ships?

Q9 – The shape of the Pacific Dawn was modelled after which animal?

Q10 – Where was this photo taken?

Q11 – Alaska cruises are due to start again in the summer of 2021, where will the cruises depart from?

Q12 – Which cruise line is featured here?

Q13 – How much did Virgin Voyages Scarley Lady cost to build in millions of US dollars? 710, 760 ot 960.

Q14 – Which Princess cruise ship is the smallest (still in operation)?

Q15 – In which English county is Southampton located?

Cruise Trivia, Round 23 Answers

A1 – Celestyal.

A2 – MSC.

A3 – Dream Cruises.

A4 – Princess.

A5 – Bergen.

A6 – Dubrovnik.

A7 – He claimed that there is an epidemic outbreak.

A8 – Free.

A9 – Dolphin.

A10 – Rotterdam.

A11 – Seattle.

A12 – Aida.

A13 – 710 Million USD.

A14 – Coral Princess.

A15 – Hampshire.

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