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Costa Cruises Laundry Services: Packages, Price Lists, and Alternatives

If you are considering a cruise with Costa Cruises, you might be wondering about the types of laundry services that they offer onboard.

I have just returned from a cruise on Costa Smeralda, which is one of Costa’s more modern cruise ships. It was launched in 2019.

Do Costa Cruise Ships Have Self-Service Laundries?

Costa Cruise ships do not have Self Service Laundries onboard. Guests who want to have your clothes laundered you will have to use Costa’s Laundry Services.

Which Laundry Services do Costa Cruises Offer?

Costa Cruises offer Dry Cleaning, Laundering, and Ironing Services.

Laundry will be collected from your cabin if you place it in the paper laundry bag provided and leave it on the bed, or somewhere obvious. Laundry will then be returned to your cabin once clean.

How Much Does The Laundry Service Cost On Costa Cruise ships?

Prices onboard Costa cruise ships vary depending on the service you select, and the type of item. They range from 1.30 to 14.20 per item.

 To wash a single men’s shirt costs 3.50, a T-shirt is 1.50, and to wash a lady’s dress is 14.20.

costa cruises laundry prices
These are the laundry price lists for Costa Cruises – January 2023

How Long Does The Laundry Service Take?

There is a two-day turnaround on laundry services. They also offer an “express/same day service.”

There is an extra 50% charge for this express service.

How Do You Use Laundry Service On Costa Cruises?

  • To use the laundry service on a Costa cruise, simply fill out the laundry sheet and total up the amount that you are spending.
  • Then place your items in the laundry bag and leave them for the cabin steward/stateroom attendant to collect.

The prices of laundry (and all things on cruise ships) change regularly.

costa cruises laundry prices
Total up your spend and sign the box and add any notes before placing your laundry in the paper bag provided.

I’m sure that the laundry checks this, but it’s always good to have an idea of how much you are spending too. It’s also important that you write down your stateroom number, name, and date.

Terms And Conditions

Costa take no responsibility for colour alteration or faults in the material.

If a garment is damaged and Costa accept responsibility, they will pay up to 7 times the laundry price paid for the said article.

ItemDry CleanWashIron
Evening Dress14.20137

Top Tip! Join the Costa Club loyalty program – it costs nothing. Once you are in the Costa Club you are entitled to discounts on certain items, in some cases, laundry.

For certain Costa club loyalty levels (Gold and Platinum Members) they offer you a “Magic Bag” towards the end of your cruise. You can fill this bag with 25 garments for a flat cost of €19.99. I am only a Bronze member with Costa, so this wasn’t available for me, but it offers good value for money if you do qualify.

If you have a loyalty status with the cruise line you are travelling with, check and see if a free bag or discount on laundry is one of the perks. Celebrity, Carnival, Holland America and Norwegian, for example, do offer this.

Also, Look out for special deals on laundry services. You may find offers advertised in the daily schedule or they may leave a paper letter in your cabin detailing laundry service offers.

Alternatives To Using the Cruise Line Laundry Service

If at all possible I do try to avoid paying for laundry when I cruise!

If I am entitled to a free bag of laundry as part of my cruise line loyalty status, I will use it. (Norwegian cruise line for example may offer this.) Otherwise, I wash items myself.

When I cruise I usually pack a little sachet of travel wash like this (affiliate link): Travel Wash.

I use the travel wash to wash things like t-shirts and socks in the cabin sink. It’s easy to do and almost free! These small bottles last for many many cruises for me.

How To Use Travel Wash:

Using a travel wash is easy and doesn’t take long at all.

  • Start by filling the sink with warm water then add a very small amount of the travel wash.
  • Move your clothes around in the wash and then put them to the side. I like to wash all clothes in the same bubbly water before moving on to rinse them off.
  • Rinsing some clothes in the sink can be tricky, but rinsing them in the shower is always a good option.
  • Once you’ve washed your clothes, try to wring out as much of the water as possible, so that they can dry faster.
  • There is usually a line for hanging your clothes in the shower so I do this. Cruise lines try to dissuade guests from hanging clothes on their balconies to dry because they can blow away and become hazardous

travel wash cruise ship sink

Is It worth paying for Laundry Services on a Costa Cruise?

Laundry is paid for on an item-by-item basis and whether it’s worth paying for depends on the value of having the item laundered for you.

If you are only wanting to wash a few t-shirts, maybe some gym clothes, socks, etc you could do your laundry in the cabin sink. It’s cheap and easy! 

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