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Celebrity Cruises Laundry Services: Packages, Price Lists, and Alternatives

If You are sailing on a Celebrity cruise ship, you may be wondering which laundry services are available onboard.

I sailed on the Celebrity Edge in July 2023. She is an “Edge Class” ship, launched by Celebrity in 2018.

She has 15 decks and can accommodate just under three thousand passengers.

She has two sister ships, Celebrity Apex and Celebrity Beyond. A fourth Edge class ship is due to launch at the end of 2023 and will be called Celebrity Ascent.

Do Celebrity Cruise Ships Have Self-Service Laundries?

Celebrity Cruise ships do not have Self Service Laundries onboard.

Guests who want to have their clothes laundered will have to use Celebrity’s Laundry Services.

Which Laundry Services do Celebrity Cruises Offer?

Celebrity Cruises offer:

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Laundering
  • Pressing Services (Ironing)

Laundry will be collected from your cabin if you place it in the paper laundry bag provided. Leave it on the bed, or somewhere obvious and the cabin steward will collect it. Laundry will then be returned to your cabin once clean.

How Much Does The Laundry Service Cost On Celebrity Cruise Ships?

Prices onboard Celebrity cruise ships vary depending on the service you select, and the type of item. Laundry ranges from $3 to $19 per item. Dry Cleaning is more expensive.

 To wash a single men’s shirt costs $7, a T-shirt is $4 and to wash a lady’s dress is $12.

For their “Regular” service, laundry is collected before 9 am and returned clean the next day.

They also offer an “Express” or “Same day” service.

Same-day laundry services onboard Celebrity Ships costs 50% more than their standard, next day charges

How Do You Use Laundry Service On Celebrity Cruises?

  • To use the laundry service on a Celebrity cruise, simply fill out the laundry sheet and total up the amount that you are spending.
  • Place your items in the laundry bag and leave them for the cabin steward/stateroom attendant to collect.

I’m sure that the laundry checks this, but it’s always good to have an idea of how much you are spending. It’s also important that you write down your stateroom number, name, and date.

The prices of laundry (and all things on cruise ships) change regularly.

Interestingly, the prices for laundry shown on the Celebrity website are less than the amounts shown on the laundry bags left in my cabin. I took my Celebrity Cruise on Celebrity Edge in July 2023.

Terms And Conditions

Celebrity state in their Terms and Conditions that “difficult to launder” items, such as silks, flannel trousers and woollens are accepted at the owner’s own risk.

They point out that items marked “Dry Clean Only” should not be laundered.

If a garment is damaged and Celebrity accepts responsibility, they will pay up to 10 times the laundry price paid for the said article.

Top Tip! Join the Celebrity loyalty program – it costs nothing. Once you are in the Celebrity loyalty scheme you are entitled to discounts on certain items, in some cases, laundry.

The loyalty program is known as The Captains Club on Celebrity Cruises.

If you are on the highest levels of the loyalty program, Elite, Elite Plus or Zenith, there is some free laundry services included as one of its perks.

ClassicSelectEliteElite PlusZenith
One Bag
Two Bags
All Laundry

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Bag Services

Celebrity offers what they call “Laundry Bag Challenge” Services

  • Wash and Fold Laundry Bag Challenge – as much laundry as you can fit into one bag for a flat cost of $59.99
  • Wash and Press Laundry Bag Challenge – as much laundry as you can fit into one bag for a flat cost of $71.99
  • Back Home Laundry Bag Challenge – Three bags of laundry washed and folded for a flat rate of $149.99
  • Premium Dry Cleaning – Twelve items of your choice placed in the bag are then dry cleaned and returned on hangers for $49.99

If you have a loyalty status with the cruise line you are travelling with, check and see if a free bag or discount on laundry is one of the perks. Celebrity, Carnival, Holland America and Norwegian, for example, offer this.

Also, Look out for special deals on laundry services. You may find offers advertised in the daily schedule or they may leave a paper letter in your cabin detailing laundry service offers.

Alternatives To Using the Cruise Line Laundry Service

If at all possible I do try to avoid paying for laundry when I cruise!

If I am entitled to a free bag of laundry as part of my cruise line loyalty status, I will use it. Otherwise, I wash items myself.

When I cruise I usually pack a little sachet of travel wash like this (affiliate link): Travel Wash.

I use the travel wash to wash things like t-shirts and socks in the cabin sink. It’s easy to do and almost free! These small bottles last for many many cruises for me.

Most Cruise ship bathrooms have a pull-out washing line in the shower cubicle area. Unusually, there was no washing line in the bathroom on Celebrity Edge.

They did have a couple of hooks on the shower wall though, and I hung my wet swimsuit/swimming costume in there.

I had an Infinite Veranda cabin on Celebrity Edge, so there was no separate outside space. Sometimes I tie my swimming things to the chairs outside on the balcony to dry off, but this wasn’t an option here!

How To Use Travel Wash:

Using a travel wash is easy and doesn’t take long at all.

Start by filling the sink with warm water then add a very small amount of the travel wash.

  • Move your clothes around in the wash and then put them to the side. I like to wash all clothes in the same bubbly water before moving on to rinse them off.
  • Rinsing some clothes in the sink can be tricky, but rinsing them in the shower is always a good option.
  • Once you’ve washed your clothes, try to wring out as much of the water as possible, so that they can dry faster.
  • There is usually a line for hanging your clothes in the shower so I do this. Cruise lines try to dissuade guests from hanging clothes on their balconies to dry because they can blow away and become hazardous. You need to tie down or peg anything on the balcony.

Is It worth paying for Laundry Services on Celebrity Cruises?

Laundry is paid for on an item-by-item basis and whether it’s worth paying for depends on the value of having the item laundered for you.

If you don’t want to take home lots of dirty laundry from your cruise, it might be worth using one of their “laundry bag challenges” where you can cram as many things into a bag as possible for a set price. If you are paying for individual items to be laundered the price will soon mount up.

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