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Everything We Know About The UK’s Newest Cruise Line – Ambassador Cruise Line

This post is sponsored by Ambassador Cruise Line.

In the Spring of 2022, a new cruise line will be launching, based in the UK. The line will be the first UK-based cruise line to launch in over 10 years.

Ambassador Cruise Line
Target Market50+ traditional cruisers (primarily British)
Ships1 called Ambience (previously pacific dawn for P&O Australia)
Home PortLondon Tilbury

Who Are Ambassador Cruise Line for?

Ambassador Cruise Line are marketing their cruises primarily at the 50+ market. There are no official age restrictions so younger guests are still welcome to cruise with the line. The cruise line will be fairly traditional and the onboard atmosphere will be relaxed.

The ship provides a high passenger to space ratio meaning that each guest has more room to enjoy.

ambassador cruise line ambience
Photo: Ambassador Cruise Line

Where will Ambassador Cruise Line Cruise To?

Ambassador Cruise Line will launch in the spring of 2022 sailing from London Tilbury. The maiden voyage will visit Hamburg in Germany,

The cruise line plan to cruise from Liverpool and Newcastle in 2023. The first sailings will take place around the British Isles, Norway, Iceland and Northern Europe. The cruise line will expand to further afield destinations as time goes on.

ambassador cruise line itineraries

Ambassadors Ship Ambience Will Hold 1400 Guests

The ship has a total of 798 cabins which could at maximum capacity hold around 1400 guests. 23% of the cabins will have balconies which is common for a cruise ship of the age. Modern cruise ships tend to be built with a higher proportion of balcony cabins.

The Ambience has a distinctive shape that was designed to look like a dolphin. This shape makes it easy to identify the ship.

The ship has 11 passenger decks which makes her a small-medium sized cruise ship.

Who Did The Ship Ambience Previously Sail For?

Ambience started her life in 1991. She was built for Princess Cruises and sailed as Regal Princess for 16 years. The ship was originally named by UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

In 2006 the ship was due to be transferred to Ocean Village but this was cancelled. She instead went to P&O Cruises Australia. She sailed as the Pacific Dawn for 13 years and was well-loved.

In 2020 it was planned that the ship would become a floating community where people could purchase their cabins. This venture never worked out and so the ship was bought by Ambassador Cruise Line.

Cruise LineYears
Regal Princess Princess Cruises1991-2007
Pacific Dawn P&O Cruises Australia2007–2020
Satoshi 2020-2021
AmbienceAmbassador Cruise Line2021-
ambassador cruise line ambience
Photo: Ambassador Cruise Line

Are Ambassador Cruise Line The Same as CMV?

Ambassador Cruise Line is not the same company as CMV who went into administration in 2020. Multiple members of the CMVs management team do now work for Ambassador Cruise Line but the company is new and independent. Ambassadors first cruise ship Ambience was previously scheduled to go to CMV before the line went into administration.

It is expected that guests that enjoyed cruising with CMV would like a cruise with Ambassador Cruise Line. The management team have said that the experience won’t be too different, but should be improved

We are hugely excited to launch the first British cruise line in over a decade. Ambassador Cruise Line offers the best of British cruising – we’re a new company offering a distinctive product but maintaining traditional cruising values which we know are important to our guests

Ambassador cruise line

How Much Will Cruises With Ambassador Cruise Line Cost?

It is estimated that a 7 night cruise with Ambassador Cruise line will cost in the region of £850 per person on an ‘all inclusive’ basis.

Ex CMV Employees (Now Working for Ambassador)Job Title
Christian VerhounigChief Executive
Christopher CoatesChief Commercial Officer
Gary HidesChief Information Officer
Simon WeeksChief Financial Officer
ambassador cruise line ambience theatre
Photo: Ambassador Cruise Line

Ambassador Cruise Line Will Spend Tens of Millions Making Ambience More Environmentally Friendly

In 2025 new emissions standards are coming into place with cruise ships. Ambassador cruise line have said that they will spend millions to improve the environmental impact of Ambience.

Ambience was built in 1991 and cruise ship technology, particularly in regards to the environment has come along way in that time.

Ambassador cruise line will be reducing the cruise lines environmental impact wherever they can, including using eco-conscious products and having no single-use plastic on board. Menus and other one-use paper items will be replaced with digital versions such as those viewed on a mobile phone.

It’s estimated that the new cruise line will create over 100 jobs in the UK alone.

Where Can You Book an Ambassador Cruise?

For more information about Ambassador Cruise Line you can visit their website here:

Ambassador Cruise Line

Cruises can be booked through us by visiting our cruise quotes page here.

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