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6 Adrenaline-Filled FREE Activities You Shouldn’t Miss on Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean have the reputation of having some of the most fun-filled cruise ships at sea.

Although activities can vary greatly from one ship to another, there is always plenty going on to keep you occupied – particularly if you are a thrill seeker!

I have recently returned from a family trip to Norway onboard Anthem of the Seas. We all tried many adrenalin-filled activities, there was something to suit all ages and abilities

These are some you might like to try:

#1 Sky Diving

On this sailing, my six-year-old niece was very keen to try the skydiving experience – and she turned out to be very good at it! The sky diving simulator on Royal Caribbean is known as the iFLY®

You can book the iFLY®via the cruise ship App. You can sometimes get a free turn also by booking via the cruise ship app, so keep a regular lookout for free spaces.

The wind in your face, no ground beneath your feet and the adrenaline pumping as you float weightless in the air – there’s no rush in the world like skydiving. On the RipCord® by iFLY® simulator you can feel the freedom of freefall without even leaving the deck. Time to let your spirit soar.

Royal Caribbean International

You have to sign a waiver to take part in this activity. You must be weighed to make sure you are not over their weight limit.

Find out more about those weight limits and how I got on when I tried the iFLY® on a previous trip on Anthem.

#2 Roller Skating

I am more used to Rollerblading than Roller skating, but as this activity was free, I was happy to give it a try. I soon found my feet, and my nieces loved their first skating experience.

The SeaPlex is a large indoor activity space that Royal Caribbean cleverly use for lots of different activities, including roller skating.

As you would expect, Royal Caribbean provide roller skates, helmets and knee and wrist guards – if you wish to use them. We didn’t have to sign any sort of waiver to take part in this activity.

Royal Caribbean also provide “Skating Aids” which are frames children can lean on while they skate to help balance.

There is no charge for this activity. You can book your time via the cruise ship app. Sessions last thirty minutes, which I found to be quite long enough.

Roller skating on Anthem of the Seas. You can see people behind using “skater aids” to balance

#3 Bumper Cars

Again, Bumper Cars can be found in the SportsPlex. You can see by the picture below, that it is a very popular activity. (They are not spectators around the edge; they are guests waiting their turn to have a go.)

Children over the age of eight, who are 122 cm tall, can ride alone. Those younger and shorter must be in the car with someone older.

Again, no waiver is needed, and the activity is free. You can just turn up and join the queue.

You must wear closed-toe shoes if you wear sandals, you won’t be allowed to take part.

Get in on all the speeding, swerving, spinning action onboard this fleet favourite. Royal Caribbean® brought bumper cars to sea, so take the wheel for some fast-paced fun at SeaPlex®, the largest indoor activity space ever to set sail.

Royal Caribbean

#4 Laser Tag

This is another fun, free activity taking place in the SeaPlex that can be booked via the App.

Players are split into two groups with green or white flashing lights on their vests to denote the teams they are in.

Children over the age of five can play, but everyone must be wearing closed-toe shoes.

We all really enjoyed the Laser Tag, and I was lucky enough to be on the winning team!

Two forces are facing off and you’re about to be recruited. Whether you join the remnant of a robot civilisation, or the alien scouting party looking for refuge from a meganova, only one force can take control in this glow-in-the-dark laser tag faceoff. Will your team be the one to claim the last planet for light years around? Take aim and find out in Battle for Planet Z℠.

Royal Caribbean

#5 Surf Simulator

The Surf Simulator, or FlowRider as it is known, is one of the most recognisable activities onboard Royal Caribbean ships.

I had a go on the Flowrider onboard the Independence of the Seas a few years ago. Although I am glad that I tried it – and even managed to get up onto my knees at one point – I didn’t feel the need to have another go on Anthem!

Royal Caribbean’s safety disclaimer is enough to put me off!

CAUTION Riding on the Flowrider® is an extreme sport and high-risk recreational activity. Sheet wave surfing on the Flowrider may result in physical or mental injury, including but not limited to serious injury to the head, neck, back, hips, arms and legs, as well as the possibility of illness, disease, paralysis or death.

Royal Caribbean
Royal Caribbean Flowrider Activities
Trying the Flowrider on Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas

#6 North Star

The North Star is a glass-enclosed pod, similar to the ones you will find on the London Eye, but smaller. It’s attached to a giant mechanical arm that lifts it up and down and out over the side of the ship

The North Star is usually chargeable, but if you keep an eye out in the daily planner on the cruise ship app, you might find times when you can get a free shorter taster trip.

Generally speaking its free on port days and chargeable on sea days. But this does vary.

You need to quickly book for free trips on the North Star via the app. The free rides are understandably very popular. Free trips tend to be on port days when most guests are off the ship.

The pod can accommodate around fourteen passengers, and you are free to wander about the pod and get different views when you are up in the air.

Leave it to Royal Caribbean® to raise the bar on adventure. North Star® elevates you high above the ship for unrivaled 360-degree views of the world as you wander. Just step into the observation capsule – winner of the Guinness World Record for tallest viewing deck on a cruise ship – and take in views of the ocean, ship and some of the world’s most incredible shores from over 100 metres above sea level.

Royal Caribbean

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