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Captain Hudson Version 2 is Ready to Order! 🥳🥳

I’ve been waiting to say that for so long, I am SO excited. Thank you for your interest.

Captain Hudson V2 will be available to order for the next three weeks. After that he won’t be available to buy ever again so make sure that you don’t miss out!

All profits will be donated to Mercy Ships again.

Last week I took the first Captain Hudson V2 on a cycling cruise across Germany, the video about that will be coming soon! Here are a couple of photos from that trip. I think he enjoyed it?! He always looks happy it’s hard to tell…

captain hudson version 2 cycling
captain hudson version 2 cycling

Captain Hudson Version 1 sold over 1300 and made over $11,000 USD for Mercy Ships who are a charity that owns and operates hospital ships.

They fill ships with volunteers who provide free healthcare where it’s needed most. They are an INCREDIBLE charity and I’m so proud to support them.

Mercy Ships asked me to let you know that our donation last time has literally saved lives.

It’s funny to think of our lovely little cartoon cat saving lives, but he really does. What a clever cat!

After the three weeks all the orders will be made and shipped, they’re all hand made so this should take around 6 weeks. Hopefully he’ll arrive in time if you have a cruise booked, but if not… it’s a great excuse to book another!

Thanks so much everybody, I never ever dreamed that CaptainHudson would be as popular as he has become, but seeing the photos everyday (and seeing new friendships being made because of CaptainHudson) makes me SO happy.

Have a great week,

Emma 🙂

Here are a couple of other links that might be useful:

  • Got a photo of Captain Hudson to share? Please share it in our Facebook Group. I am working on creating an interactive map for my website where the photos can live forever, complete with monthly leaderboards so you can vote for your favourite photos. But for now, we’re on Facebook here.
  • Want a T-shirt, blanket, luggage tag or something else to go with your Captain Hudson? Check out the Emma Cruises store. Everything is designed by me! (The money made from these sales doesn’t go to charity, just to be clear, these are just for fun).

Our record so far for Captain Hudson’s in the wild meeting up is 4… as seen on the JJCruise group cruise! This makes me so so happy! Captain Hudson is saving lives, and bringing people together. 🤯😀

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