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12 Hour YouTube Live, Fundraising for Sean and Stef!


On Friday 6th March I will be live on YouTube for a whopping 12 CONTINUOUS HOURS.

I’m going to be joined by my friends Ben and David and we will be fundraising for fellow cruise YouTubers Sean and Stef.

Sean recently received a horrible cancer diagnosis and we will be raising funds for him during the live stream.

If you are free at any point during the day please do pop in and see how we are getting on. The live stream will be hosted on Sean and Stef’s YouTube channel which can be found here: Sean and Stef IRL.

Sean and Stef YouTube Channel

The live stream will include:

  • Guest appearances from some of the biggest names in the cruise community:
    • Sheri – Cruise Tips TV
    • Griff and Alyssa
    • Tony – La Lido Loca
    • Jim – Jim Zim
    • Josh Hocum – Cruise with Josh
    • Paul and Carole – Paul and Carole Love to Travel
    • Gary – Tips for Travellers
  • Giveaways (we have a LOT of prizes to give away, so many companies and individuals have been incredibly generous and we are so grateful)
    • A 7 night cruise for 2 with Marella
    • A Mia Tui goodie bag
    • A signed Chelsea football shirt, signed by all of the team
    • Emerald Waterways goodies
    • Royal Caribbean gifts
  • Games, Dares and Quizzes

Sean and Stef 12 hour Live

Why Are We Doing This?

Sean was recently diagnosed with a particularly nasty type of cancer, stage 4 pancreatic cancer which has spread to his liver and lungs. Sean and Stef are from the US and do have insurance but it doesn’t cover cancer treatment. They are now being faced not only with having to cope with the cancer diagnosis but also with HUGE medical bills. If you can spare anything, no matter how little, please do donate. It’ll make a huge difference to them and I will be forever grateful: Go Fund Me – Sean and Stef.

Sean and Stef have always focused on spreading positivity and even throughout this terrible time they are still spreading joy within our community.


The following comes from Sean and Stef’s website and I think it sums them up particularly well:

We’ve been hit with hardships of all kinds. Most people have. Financial, medical, ethical, spiritual, emotional, you name it. We’ve dealt with it. Personally and professionally we’re hit with negativity every single day. A while ago we chose to separate ourselves from constantly spouting negative things and the people who do it.

We do our absolute best to spread joy, positivity and happiness everywhere we go. It may sound hella corny, but happiness is a choice.

Once we started on this journey, we began to realize something. The more positivity you put out there, the more it comes back. We are personally and emotionally fulfilled by the amazing people we meet, the wonderful connections we make online with each of you and the absolute AMAZING emails and comments we receive every day.

If you’d like to learn more about Sean and Stef you can do this here: Sean and Stef IRL.